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My Seond Bread - Baguette and Epi

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My Seond Bread - Baguette and Epi

Hi. I made these last weekend using BBA's Baguette recipe. Sorry I don't have photos of the crumbs. We ate them before I had the chance to take photos. :) Very tasty!

I need to work on the scoring and would like the crust of the baguette to be more golden like the epi. It's strange because they come from the same batch of dough. I baked the epi after the baguette. Would that have something to do with it, or is it just the shape of the epi that induces the variance in color of the crust?


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Mine never come out the way I want them to, and your baguettes are magnificent.

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Hey There,

These look delicous!  I wish I could shape my dough that well.

I have some ideas about your crust color.  I used to have huge problems getting a golden crust.  I posted about it here ( ) with photos.

It turned out I wasn't getting a steamy enough environment.  My old gas oven, vented the steam I created right out with the waste CO2 gas from the burner.  I Started having better success when I built a home-made cloche ot of a clay plant pot.  However, that limited me to a round shaped loaf. 

Recently, I've had stunning success with an upside-down disposable aluminum lasagna tray.  When its time to put the dough in the oven, slide onto your stone.  Spritz the inside of the lasagna tray with water and cover the baguettes with the upside-down tray.  The spritzed water evaporates along with the water in the dough and that steam is all trapped inside the lasagna tray.  You don't have to heat the lasagna tray with the oven because the aluminum heats up very rapidly.   Now I get great looking crusts and tons of oven spring. 

The only limiting factor is the size of the lasagna tray.  I've read about folks using buffet table lids in much the same way.  They're bigger, so you might want to think about using one of those, too.  I'm told you can get them at restaurant supply stores.

Good luck!


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Thank you PaddyL and Radicalkat for the kind words.

Radicalkat, thank you very much for the tip and the link. I'll definitely try the cloche next time. I didn't know that that could affect the crust.

I agree with Peter Reinhart that bakers tend to be "generous" people. The Fresh Loaf  forum is a proof of that. :-)