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Hello from New Member, Eastern Washington

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Hello from New Member, Eastern Washington

Greetings friends,

I've just discovered this lovely site.  I've been baking for many years, having learned at my mother's knee.  These days, I bake mostly yeasted whole-grain and sourdough breads, bagels, rolls, and the like.  I enjoy making sweet rolls, cookies, cakes - again, usually working with at least part whole grain. I've learned most of my whole grain tricks through trial and error with help from a few cookbooks. Discovering whole wheat pastry flour years ago was such a delight.  Being a native Southerner, I also make biscuits and cornbread cast iron skillet is a good friend. 

Living in Washington state, I'm fond of Bob's Red Mill products.  

One of my current interests is cutting the sodium, both in yeasted and baking powder/soda leavened goods.  I'd love to hear any ideas - I am just getting ready to try Hain sodium free baking powder. 

I hope to learn from all the bakers here - I see there are some very sophisticated and scientific bakers out there. My only fancy tools are my KitchenAid mixer, a convection oven, and a big ceramic stone.  

Cheers to all


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Dear DashMom,
  Good to have you along.  I am from Seattle and found this site about two months ago.  Having not baked in a very long time it is worth noting that I am bulk fermenting four loaves as we speak.  To begin to produce quality baked goods has been exciting.  Actually it has consumed me.  I have baked more bread in the last 3 weeks than I baked in the last 10 years.  and Oh, have I learned!!
    So, show up regular like and have a ball.




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Welcome to the club! I too need to cut sodium, which brought me back to baking my own bread, after a 25 year lapse. I have tried many recipes. Check out "awesome whole wheat bread" ( in search box) I use a bread machine, and leave out the salt. This makes a delicious, well formed loaf. Happy baking from Canada!

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welcome from a fellow-wa stater  (east side, cascades--out the gorge).


this site has a vast wealth of knowledge--it's a wonderful place to learn new tricks & ideas!