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Pullman pan recomendation

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Pullman pan recomendation

Can anyone recommend a brand of Pullman pan?  I have visited all of the local cooking shps but no one has one I can touch an play with. 





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Dan, I recently bought an Amco Pullman Pan from Amazon.  The pan and lid were sold separately and cost about $21 total.  Cost was my main concern.  Having never used one and not knowing if I would like the results, I wasn't about to drop $40-$60 on a pan.

I've had the pan for a week or so now and really like it.  Even my kids, who, despite my efforts, still love soft white bread, love the results.  My 11-year-old told me to never buy bread again.


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I can highly recommend the Pullman pans made by Chicago Metallic..I have one 13', and two 8.5" pans made by them..I purchased them through KA Baker's Catalog back in the days before I had a computer, or shopped online..If one shops around the CM pans can be found for less money..The key to the CM Pullman pans is that their heavy aluminized steel construction has more thermal mass than does an aluminum pan which allows them to bake more evenly..They are also made to a higher standard of workmanship than are many of the less expensive pans..Bright aluminum pans tend to bake darker, than do darker steel pans..

I was looking for another source for the smaller Pullman pans while communicating several days ago with Eric (ehanner) on my thread titled Eric's Favorite Rye Bread w/o the Sourdough Starter--(Baked in Pullman Pans)..CM no longer makes the 8.5" Pullman pan..I really love the shorter 8.5" pan, and seldom use my 13" Pullman pan..CM originally made the 8.5"pans exclusively for the KA Baker's Catalog..I Googled, and found a line of pans from Paderno in Italy that look (and cost) very much like CM's line of Pullman pans..They appear to my eyes to be professional-grade baker's tools, as are CM's Pullman pans..

Unfortunately, pro level bakeware does not come inexpensively..A Paderno 4"x4"x7.785" lidded bread pan is going to cost about $33.00..The 13" long pans, either CM or Paderno, is going to cost about $40.00..The 16" long pans will cost about $50.00-$55.00..


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I have their large pan, the only one I could get at the time; it had to be imported by and ended up costing me a hundred dollars Can., but it was worth it.

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 I, too, purchased the Amco pullman pan and sliding lid from  It is currently available for $16.00 for the pan and $13.50 for the lid.  A bargain, plus free shipping and no taxes.

I had always wanted one, but found them to be too expensive in the cooking equipment stores.  On the site, I recognized the Amco name and decided that it would probably be a good buy.  I was not disappointed.  I've had mine since last March and have used it often.

In order to bake a nice square-edged loaf, you do have to remember to put the lid on at the right time or, like me, you will be trying to mash the risen dough down in order to get the lid on.  Not a pretty sight.  LOL.  Unlike other loaf pans, the dough must not rise above the rim of the pan.  Buy a set and enjoy it.