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Hello from Minnesota

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Hello from Minnesota

Hello all,

New to breadmaking.  Have been reading posts the last few days.  Very appreciative of all the contributions from the members.  Look forward to do the same as I learn more about bread making over time.

Thanks again for this great site!


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Welcome home!


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Hello and welcome from a fellow Minnesotan!

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I really appreciate all the contributions in this community.  All the great breads posted here inspired me to experiment.  In the process of learning the last few weeks, quite a few new tools have been added to the kitchen :)

The DLX mixer and the Wolfgang grain mill arrived on Monday.  So I went to the local Co-op and got a few lbs of two types of wheat berries.  Here's the outcome of the first experiment with home ground flour (I used Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads whole wheat bread recipe):

1. Hard Red Winter (milled in fine setting on the mill):

Whole Wheat - Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads 

2. Soft White Wheat: This bread did not seem to have any oven spring at all.

These are the first fresh milled whole wheat breads we tried.  The taste is very good.  It does no have the grassy taste I read about.  I suspect it is due to the enriched nature of this recipe.

I baked them in a cloche.

We are very excited to add fresh whole grain to our diet.  Will conduct more experiments in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for all the support and information.  I made my very first loaf of bread 2 months ago.  I did not realize bread making is so involved and fun. This is an amazing site!!!  Thanks again.


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But instead, you've gone and made me jealous of three things:  (1) your DLX; (2) your grain mill; and (3) your cloches.  Oh, and (4) your results.

Beautiful bread!  Welcome to TFL.

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Someday we'll have two senators...

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Well, at least one would be nice!

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Wow those are both nice looking breads! I look forward to seeing more of your home milling in action. You will love the DLX, it's a real mixer in every sense.