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Baking in Beijing, dry bread, please help!

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Baking in Beijing, dry bread, please help!



I have started a bakery in China producing a local type of quick bread. the recipe is below


50 eggs

25kg flour

2.5 ltrs oil

4 kg sugar


we use a sour dough starter that was given to us by a company producing the same type of bread. we combine the ingridients and the prepared sourdough starter and then add luke warm water to mix them in an industrial mixer. we mix for about 1 min and the dough comes out relatively dry, not sticky at all.

we let rise in a warm place over night. in the morning we put the bread in the mixer again and "knead" for around 2 mins and add a 1/3 kilogram of baking soda. then we seperate the dough into small ball, flatten with a presser, and smear a filling onto the dough. we then cut the dough into four pieces and arrange in a small aluminum conatiner. we cook the bread at 270 degrees celcius for around 35 minutes and then turn off the heat and let cook for another 5 mins. we then take the bread out of the containers and let cool before serving.

my current problem is that the bread continues to turn out very dry. when i eat the bread i have trouble swollowing it. the filling we put on it tastes good but the actually bread tastes very dry. we have tried adding more water to the mixing, adding yogurt, increasing oil, letting rise for two days, trying different flours, all to no effect. we have tried the bread at other places and it is relatively "wet" or easier to eat. it is sweeter than our bread. the recipe we have was given to us by the other comany also (we essentially franchised from them) and they do not know what the problem is either.

i think our method is similar to the "epoxy" method used by peter for his new whole grain bread. i just cant seem to get the flavor out of the bread, and get it to be more moist. please if you have any suggestions help me. and if you happen to visit beijing def drop me a message. thanks in advance


Baking in Beijing

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I'm assuming that you're dividing the dough into individual rolls and filling them, so 270C for about 40 minutes seems too long, and that might be evaporating away too much water. Do you use a thermometer to check the temperature of the bread when you finish baking? If you do, what's is the temperature. If you don't have one, then you should get one and bake it until the temperature is 90C to 98C.

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yes we weigh out about .25kg for each one and then press it flat. on that we add a oil flour spread to it. then we fold it and cut it into 4 pieces and place them together and then into a round tin for cooking. i think you may be right i am just worried that the very inside of the bread will not be able to cook through at a lower temperature. thank you for your reply! i will try it tommorow and report back on the outcome