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Does my Starter Need Rehab or a Funeral?

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Does my Starter Need Rehab or a Funeral?


I had a successful firm starter from Baking with Julia/David Ortiz/Pain a L'Ancienne.  The loaves were tasty and the bubbles were getting bigger with each successive loaf.  I converted the starter to a wet one to see how it would go and my last sourdough loaves were the worst ever!  No rise and leaden as anvils.  My dog didn't even jump up on the counter to try and eat them (a first for her).

Now the starter itself does not percolate with feeding, only a few random bubbles form on top.  It still smells as yucky as it did when it was working, but tastes now floury and bitter.  Is there a test to see if it's working other than wasting more flour?  The texture is goopy, in between batter-y and firm.