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Australian fires

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Australian fires

Floyd, I hope you don't mind if I go off topic and say that I hope all of the Australian TFL members are safe. Not sure who lives near the fires but wanted you to know I am thinking about you, A

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ivy b

Hi, Please allow me to add my prayers and concerns to Annie's... I thought of this earlier, but was hesitant to add to this list. (Thanks, Annie!)


Ivy B


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Thankyou for your thoughts and prayers.  Although my home is not threatened, I am part of the fires investigation reponse in my job. The loss of life and property devastation is the worst I have seen in 37 years of service.  Last count today there are 173 lives lost and expected to rise to around 230 as we haven't access to some areas as yet.  You prayers are welcome.



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Here here!  The news reports are truly frightening.