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First Italian Loaf

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First Italian Loaf

Here are some shots of my first Italian Loaf. Turned out pretty good I think, we liked the taste and I guess that is most important first. Now to just work on getting more of those "pockets" in the bread....


Floydm's picture

Well done.

davidm's picture

Feels good doesn't it?  I still get excited, every single time. Hovering by the oven. The smell throughout the whole house. The first slice. Early morning toast.



jbraas's picture

Thanks for the responses. I am really enjoying this process. Since I mainly bake on the weekend due to time constraints during the week. I find myself on about Monday thinking what I might be able to try this weekend.

I'm thinking maybe soem bagles this week, never done that. Although we have seom friends comming for dinner on Saturday, so maybe I'll do this again... Maybe both.... Hmmmmmm...

Liam's picture

Nice bread!  Well done!

Which recipe did you use?


jbraas's picture

The recipe was the one out of The Bread Baker's Apprentice book. Just bought it not that long ago and I'm loving it.