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Sweet Corn Raisin Bread

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July 6, 2006 - 8:48am -- Floydm

Mini Oven's Sweet Corn Raisin Bread with scissor cut.


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Submitted by Melana on

Is this recipe posted? Is there a speial place to look for posted recipes besides the favorite recipes list? Is it like a Brioche?


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Submitted by Mini Oven on

It's not my recipe but I wish it was. It is posted here in the left margin. Yes it's like a brioche. Next time, I'm using honey, yogurt and nutmeg. (My raisins aren't ripe yet.) There is the "Favorite Recipes" list (left) and the "Favorites" list (under the gallery). I think the left margin is working now. There are also recipes in blogs. Have fun. :) Mini Oven

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Submitted by KipperCat on

Mini, I really like the look of this!  I already read the recipe, and searched for your pic.  For some reason it looks like a perfect Easter bread to me.  Now I just have to remember this next spring!  though I hope to try it sooner as well.

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Submitted by Mini Oven on

and it's about time I figured this photo stuff out.   After final proof, brush with a wash. I start snipping a square in the middle and then just kept adding snips.   Snip, snip, snipity snip.   Point straight down on loaf, stick in open points and snip, fast and snippy.   --Mini Oven