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looking for a recipe...

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looking for a recipe...

that would be considered a "low calorie" bread.  I like to make sandwiches during the week, and would like a low cal bread.  In all of my books, i don't see any such thing? 



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I think your choices will be very limited.  If you stick to a simple french bread which contains basic ingredients as well as slicing it thinly I think you will get what you want.



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Wisecarver (not verified)

...True. Water, Flour and Yeast, Salt is good but always optional.
Look for recipes that include pre-ferment.
The secret is "time", you do not need any other ingredients.
As an example, Jim's "Easy bread":

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I don't have a recipe but Ovens of Manitowoc

has some great high fiber bread that is lower in cal such as their Hunger Filler variety. They may be a good sample to start from to develop a recipe. They may use pea fiber or other vegetable fiber and despite how that sounds make wonderful bread with wonderful ingredients.If you email them, they may even send you a sample loaf, if there are no distributors in your area.

Otherwise, I would think a whole grain recipe with extra high fiber (brans of some kind or non-soluble fiber)would work but it may need more than a recipe. It may need a technique such as a long autolyse todevelop flavor and make sure the fiber absorbs enough of the moisture so you don't end up with crumbles.

Please post if you develop a recipe.

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...Think about this:

If you buy a "Low Calorie" white bread from the supermarket, it will always contain salt, yeast, milk, sugar and some kind of fat, while a baguette, for example, will only contain salt, yeast and water, and maybe a tablespoon of oil (for a whole baguette) so that's a real Low Calorie bread. If a gram of carbohydrate provides 4 calories, then a single baguette can provide something like 650 - 670 calories. Try to divide the bread into portions and then do the calculation in order to know the amount of calories you are eating. Now see, if you try mixing 60% white flour and 40% whole wheat flour, then you are saving calories thanks to the fiber you are adding to the dough. If you add some extra water to the dough (reaching the 70% for example) and allow it to properly ferment, then you'll get a soft tasty bread, with a nutty flavor that will last you a couple of days.
Here is the basic recipe to get that bread, remember that you can add all spices like cinamon and raisins, or poppy seeds, for example, without worrying about the calories. Shape the loaf in any way you want:

- 300 gr of white flour
- 200 gr of whole flour
- 350 gr of water
- 5 gr of instant yeast
- 10 gr of salt

If you want to develop a sweet bread then just add 40 gr of "splenda" and rise the amount of yeast to 7 gr, you should add an egg, (and a table spoon of butter would be good too and still you have low calories bread).

Use Bertinet's method for kneading, it is the easiest way.

My favorite combination for this bread is: half cup of raw onion, same amount of raw bell pepper and two table spoons of cilantro. Just add them to the dough while kneeding. The result is called "Pan de pascuas con especias" and it tastes a bit like pizza.

Take care!!!


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Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate the time you took to respond.  I am going to try making this tomorrow.  I love the variations you gave, they all sound yummy!