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Parisian Raspberry Macarons

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Parisian Raspberry Macarons

These little guys aren't nearly as difficult to make as one might think by the prices they command in french patisseries. It is a sugared, egg white and almond powder exterior and then whatever interior you like. Here, I used both raspberries and raspberry jam. Also popular are caramel, chocolate ganache, pistachio ganache, and many, many more.

I won't put up a recipe now as I don't have it with me. If there is a bunch of interest, I will find the recipe I used and post.


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Is the cookie composed of whipped egg whites, sifted powdered sugar, and finely ground toasted almonds??..Baked at a low temperature to dry out??..

Way back wnen I was In culinary school we made what the master paastry chef called a Daquois Cake..Using a 1/2" diameter opening pastry tube we piped 9" rounds of the above mixture onto circles traced on the opposite sides of parchment paper; two per full-sized sheet pan..Dried these out at 275 degree Fahrenheit oven for 4-5 hours..We then let them sit in a covered cabinet for several days to further dry out, and to become chewy..

We then filled the lasyers of the cake with an incredibly rich coffee flavored buttercream frosting after generously sprinkling the layers with Kahlua liqueur..The outside of this cake was iced as you would any other cake, with piped decorations..

Your cookies reminded me of that cake which I have not made in 25 years..It was absolutely one of the richest desserts I have ever eaten..



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The cookie cooks at a relatively low temperature but not too low. I think that it was 180C, but i'm not sure exactly the temp. You want a crisp exterior of the shell, but then you want the interior of the shell and the filling to almost combine. There is a relatively delicate balance to achieve the right consistency.

The flavor of these are wonderful, and very, very sweet. The ingredients were exactly the same as you mentioned for the shell, and the buttercream that you put in the middle would be delicious, I'm sure.

i'll try to get the recipe in the next few days. It was one of the better sweets i've cooked. Decadent and delicious.

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Looks super mellow gorgeous

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P l e a s eeeeeeeee post the recipe.  There is a very famouse patissere (sp?) in Paris that makes these, La Duree.  Omg they are so awesome!!!  When we go there we eat them by the dozens.  Haven't found any here in LA quite like La Duree, but anything would be better than none!

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La Duree's are probably the best around. I also really love Girard Mulot - I think they have a couple of shops around Paris.

Right now, the recipe we used for these is in Paris. I'll try to get it up in a few days.

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cake diva

There is a Patiserrie in the Ferry Building in San Francisco that makes these in different flavors. 

I agree;  this is not really difficult to make.  I used a filling composed of homemade pistachio paste and then spread a layer of purchased apricot-almond butter.  The apricot flavor balanced the sweetness of the macaroon.

How does one create the dome effect that I've seen in pictures such as in the Suas AB&P book?  I've had to put up with a flatter-looking macaroon.

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Sorry guys but,

My son just came back from Paris and brought back Macarons from Mulot...Delicious and to discover that we have them available in Montreal. La Maison du Macaron, owned and operated by 2 pastry chefs that got their expertise from Mulot after working there...We do make pizzas and breads at home but, we shall leave these to "pros"...

They are good, aren't they.

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cake diva brings up an interesting question about the dome shape?  Hope you post your recipe for these beautiful macarons!


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Wow those look really good.  Can you post the recipe or a link to the recipe?  Thanks I would like to use it for a get together for our new daughter.