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Intro and Question

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Intro and Question

Hi everyone, I'm Amy in Kilgore, Texas

We are building our dream home and I'm getting ready to stock my pantry, has a

Morrison's® Super Bakers® Bread Flour - 25lbs

It says it's Hard Wheat

and then there's the regular 25lb bag of all purpose flour.

I think I need both to make both plain white and wheat bread, can someone explain the differences and send recipes to

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Amy, welcome to TFL.  I am new here, also and don't feel qualified to answer your question but want to welcome you, anyway.  I went to your blog and website and can see you are a busy lady.  Thank you for providing such needed service.
    No two ways about it this is a happenin' site full o' doers and talkers and sharers. Y'all will feel right at home.  Poke and nose for as long as you can hold back the urge then, GO FOR IT!! 

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The TFL Handbook can be found at the top of the page (fourth tab from the left), Amy.

While it is still a work in progress, it will answer many of your questions and if you find something you don't understand, just ask and someone will answer.

There are plenty of recipes here you can browse through - a number of them are  listed under the "favorite recipes" on the left hand side of the home page.

Enjoy your explorations - and your new dream home.