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how to shape boulot

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cake diva

how to shape boulot

Can someone provide me with instructions on how to do the above?  With one straight score along the north-south axis, it makes for one attractive bread; unfortunately, I couldn't find anything on the topic.  I know how to shape boules;  is this where one may start?

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#35....hope this helps I would love to have a copy of this . great info. c


sorry here is the link :)

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I found the following at this site.

"For Large Oval Loaf – Pain Boulot: Follow the directions for the round loaves except instead of rotating between the balms of your hands and tucking to form a round loaf, continue to turn the dough from the right to the left, tucking a bit of each end under the oblong loaf. In a dozen turns you should have a neatly shaped oval with tow little puckers of dough, le cles, underneath where all the edges of have joined together.
Place the dough pucker sides up in a flour-rubbed canvas; seal the puckers by pinching with your fingers. Flour lightly, cover loosely and let rise to almost triple its size. After unmolding upside down on the baking sheet, slash with parallel slashes going diagonally across the top starting from the upper left and going to the lower right."

Lots of reading - it is just above step 7.


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cake diva

I googled boulot and got info on bicycles or something like that.  Thanks for finding these for me!