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Creating stuffed crust and multi layer cheese bases (a la Pizza Hut and Dominos)

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Creating stuffed crust and multi layer cheese bases (a la Pizza Hut and Dominos)

My partner is a cheese addict, and I've decided to make her the cheesiest pizza ever. This includes a multi layered base with 5 types of cheese and a stuffed crust. So... what would be the best way to do it? Should I create ultra thin base layers and freeze them so they're the right shape to spread/sprinkle cheese onto and then stack on top of each other?

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Mini Oven

Ooooooooo sounds good, thin like a strudel dough with cheese? Yum. Oregano in the dough too? Yum. Scratch that thought, strudel dough has no yeast unless it's only for the between layers. Cheese would be the glue. Oooooo :) Mini Oven

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I use to have a customer requesting something similar . here the recipe of the "cheesy dough" i would use in those case . :)

250 g milk
100 g Ememtal
100 g blue cheese
3 g salt
8 g fresh yeast ( or best a 100 g sourdough starter )
500 g Pasta flour (also know as 00 flour)
100 g olive oil

1/ grate the chesses admix it together
2/ boil the milk and add 3/4 of the grated chess stir until chesses melted away and put it away to cool right down to room temperature
3/ mix flour,yeast,salt,olive oil,cheese sauce in your bread mixer , you may found the dough may need a top up of water depending on how slack you like to work your dough .
4/ add the remaining cheese about 1 minute before mixing end

bulk fermentation 15 mins , them divide to your liking rest another 10 mins before giving the dough final shape .
You can increase the the cheese by up-to 50% but i found out with time that to muche the dough would start to burn on the edge/bottom before toping where cooked properly

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