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Baker's Delight Brown Bread

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Baker's Delight Brown Bread

I was just wondering if anyone out there has the same problem as me with the brown bread from baker's delight. i get the hiccups every single time i eat it. it doesn't happen with the white bread. is there something in the brown bread that would cause this? and is it true brown bread or just coloured brown? thanks :D

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I have no idea what might be causing the hiccups. But brown bread in Australia has to have a minimum of 50% wholemeal flour. The brown bread from Bakers Delight is probably 70% wholemeal and 30% bakers flour. Adding food dye to claim it as brown bread would be illegal (in Australia) as far as I know. Malt extract is commonly used to add colour in brown\wholemeal breads. There was an apprentice from Bakers Delight around here somewhere maybe they'll post some more info...

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Mini Oven

Could be that someone else is also eating brown bread and thinking about you at the same time? :) Mini Oven

Eliza, have you met the apprentice? Apprentice, are you thinking about Eliza? :)

Funny no telephone numbers on that bag...... :)

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I can assure you that we don't add any malt or other colouring agent to our wholemeal bread (the only bread we add malt to is Cape Seed and Cape Fruit and Nut). Our wholemeal flour comes from Manildra and is 100% Wholemeal Flour.