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Electric vs Gas Oven

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Electric vs Gas Oven

When I built my house 12 years ago, the general concensus was that electric ovens were better than gas ovens for baking. Supposedly, electric was more even and consistent than gas.
Recently I read an article that stated there was not much difference between the two.
Does anyone have any insight, thoughts, or comments on electric vs gas?


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Joe Fisher

I have a gas oven, and I never have to rotate my loaves for even baking. It does a great job.

The 3/4" Fibrament stone I keep on the bottom rack probably helps quite a bit.


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Mini Oven

I have baked with both often alternating between the two. I find Gas heats up faster and tends to dry out faster preventing rust. The last oven I replaced was electric, it still worked but the bottom has rusted out in two places, maybe didn't really dry out between bakings. I replaced it with an electric although I have gas and electricity in the house. It was easier to put in electic, I moved it also to a wall unit so I wouldn't have to bend. I normally have bottled gas by bread baking because I'm not in Austria. I've never had one oven long enough to wear out. My oven now is electric, a mini, and very portable, A built in gas oven (large) might be too difficult to move outside when the weather is hot. If I lived in a climate where it was warm all year round, I would consider an outside kitchen. In Austria, the baker delivers. Mini Oven

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We did some remodeling in our house that we purchased last year (talk about a major crimp in anything involving the kitchen!) and purchased a new stove to replace the one that came with the house. The old one was an electric JennAir with a downdraft cooktop - two burners on one side and a griddle on the other. The oven was tiny--the walls on either side of the cavity were at least 5 inches thick--probably to accomodate the ductwork for the downdraft vent that exited through the floor.

After much discussion, my wife and I elected to splurge on a dual-fuel model, coincidentally another JennAir, but without the downdraft vent. My wife prefers the electric oven to gas, since she perceives that electric ovens heat more evenly, but would rather have gas burners for the cooktop. So we got both in one package. This particular model comes with a small, one-shelf upper oven that is great for pizzas, rolls, casseroles, anything that is only a few inches tall. The lower oven is full size, with a convection capability. Other than producing a turkey dinner in record time last Thanksgiving, I really haven't played with that feature very much.

I've used both gas and electric ovens without noticing that the heat source made a major difference. The bigger issue seems to be how accurately the temperature controls work and how evenly (or not) the heat is distributed in the oven. I'd probably pick gas, if only not to have the heating coil taking up space on the oven floor, but the electric ovens we have get the job done just as well.