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Home Ovens

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Home Ovens

I have to replace my home LP gas oven. Gas is now $3.85. Natural gas is not available. I would like some input on Gas versus electyric for bread baking.

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Wisecarver (not verified)

...I much prefer Electric now, better control over the Bake.
So many options too when shopping for one.
The Electric ovens with a Glass top give you a work surface.
Use a Baking Stone and a sparay bottle for water, rotate your loaf, perfection.

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but I love that you mention the glass top.  I have a small, entirely tiled kitchen so the stove surface is a lifesaver!  But if you tend to make multiple recipes in a day be sure all the kneading is done before you turn on the oven or goo ensues!

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I think that electric ovens dry things out much more than gas does. I also think that you get better control over heat with gas, plus in a power outage you can light a burner with a match on a gas stove- with electric you are out of luck.