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Introduction to our lifestyle!

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Introduction to our lifestyle!

My husband and I have reared our seven home-educated children organically and pretty much vegetarian. The older children are adhering to it pretty much since they have gone on their own trying to get their spouses to try the "lighter" life. We started in the organic culture from day one of our marriage 34 years ago. In the early 80's my husband bought me our first grain mill and since then have used organic whole grain flour. I like to mix oats with the spelt when I grind it for pastries because it seems to make the flour sweeter and not quite so heavy.
One of my favorite hobbies and jobs is baking bread for friends and family. My favorite bread is a spelt yeast bread which is sweet and easy to make. I like to give this type of bread away for Christmas and holidays. Others ask me to make it for their friends, also. I do like to make the sourdough bread also and I make it almost every week for people. Sweet rolls and cakes are favorites in our family also.
Our son was married in October to a girl who is also organic and between my daughter-in-law's mother and I most of the meal was organic with the bride's mother raising the chickens. We grew the cabbage, green beans, corn and potatoes organically and I baked cookies, caramel popcorn and the yeast and sourdough bread along with making peach and grape jelly and apple butter. That may not sound like a lot but for serving around 500 people it was quite a task but I enjoyed every minute of it because we knew we were serving delicious healthy food. Whew! That was quite a long introduction.


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That is an impressive undertaking for a large crowd. Especially for home cooks. Welcome to the Fresh Loaf. I look forward to seeing your posts and seeing some of your home ground breads.


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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Nice post.
I do appreciate seeing and hearing about how folks are persevering nowadays.

We are a house of 5 in N.E. TN. doing all we can to waste nothing and to eat/drink well.

I'm 47 and muscular and don't eat any red meat or pork but do eat poultry for my protein, also do not drink any colas and never eat any fast foods...
Without saying my children of course have learned to eat better.
They are 4, 6 and 9, little health nuts already:
  All the best,