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Bread Baking Schools

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Bread Baking Schools

Relatively new to this forum, been lurking for a couple of months gleaning info from all of you, and great info it is.  I do have a question regarding bread baking schools.  I am a disabled vet been baking bread for several years and looking for a good baking school specializing in bread.  While the VA will pay tuition for a baking school, it has to be "accredited".

SFBI - my first choice but they are not acredited, too bad, great school, would love to attend their professional course

French Culinary Institute - International  Art of Bread Baking, 2nd cohoice, great school, acredited, but on the other side of the country.


International School of Baking, in Bend, OR, anybody know anything about them?


Any other ideas??


Thanks in advance for any info, this is a great Forum. 




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Not sure what location might be good for you, but if it wuz me, I'd go to where the Bread Buda, Peter Reinhart, teaches --Johnson & Whales. They have campuses in Providence, Denver, Miami and Charlotte.

Pittsburgh, PA

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He teaches at Johnson & Wales in Charlotte, NC.


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Thank you, John, for making this the land of the free because of the brave.

I Googled the International School of Baking in Bend, OR and it appears this is a small school which is run by a Marda Stoliar.  Class size is 1 to 2 individuals.  No idea if it is an accredited institution.

All Culinary Schools has a website which may be helpful.

I hope you find something in your area that will serve you well.