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Newbie and 1st Sourdough made today

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Newbie and 1st Sourdough made today

I've been lurking for a few weeks... and feel brave enough to share now... I attempted my first sourdough today; I started the starter 3 days ago, just one from an old recipe book on hand.. any ways I was pleased with the bread. It is a very 'lite' sourdough taste but from what I've read that is normal with a new starter. The dough was beautiful to work with. I've also recently found a white bread recipe that I really like. Nice soft bread and a pretty crust.

I've been baking for as long as I can remember. Cookies, squares, buns, breads and all that good stuff. My hubby bought me a Bosch for Christmas so now I am stepping it up a notch. (it's not so good for the New Years resolution!). I worked in a 'sort of' bakery all thru my high school days. (proofing and baking frozen dough) and have always just really enjoyed baking bread.

One of my kiddo's enjoying the days baking... they are just all about the crumb.. not crust fans..yet.

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Hi, tallmama.

Welcome to TFL!

Your bread looks very nice, and your cute daughter appears to give it a high rating.

If your starter is 3 days old and it is raising dough, I'm going to guess you made it with commercial yeast. I suggest you read a bit about wild yeast sourdough, here or elsewhere. Once you are using real sourdough, there is no turning back.


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Yep, David is right.

Give your starter another few days then bake another loaf w/out using commercial yeast and more than likely you will have a more bold flavor.

I too just started on my SD aventures a couple of weeks ago.  Once that starter takes off it goes crazy.