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Success with fruit yeast water! (Thanks, Wao!!!)

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Success with fruit yeast water! (Thanks, Wao!!!)

So I was following Wao's posts on here after reading her blog, and decided to give it all a try. Search for "wao" here on TFL and you should find her post. Here's my fruit yeast water... It was made with local raisins and tangerine peels from the tree out back (right after a rain so the pollution washed off) and Organic Agave Sweetener from Trader Joe's. i put it in an old tequila bottle for kicks, but I'll be switching to a jar - I can't get the raisins out!

Fruit water


Here is the final loaf - I didn't do so good slashing. Some of the slashes had deep pokes in them. You can see the problem in the center part of the 2nd slash from the left.


Fruit yeast loaf


Um, I burnt the bottom. I had the wise idea of preheating my oven on a higher temp, then turning down. I forgot that this would make my pizza stone extra hot. :( You can also see where I pinched the edge to the right under the stainless steel bowl I used as a cloche. Also, I belatedly used a bunch of flour and paper under the loaf during 2nd rise, since I was afraid it would stick.




The crumb came out OK, and the loaf was pretty dang tasty. The crust was a bit weak, but I'm still trying to get the hang of steaming. My oven is gas, so I feel I must use a cloche to build steam, and I didn't want to crack my pizza stone, so I chickened out a lot. Still, my mom snapped up every bit I gave her, and my grandpa was impressed - that's saying something, since he's 82, and has been baking a LOOOOOONNG time! I'll send him my next non-burned loaf. 



This is the 1st recipe on Wao's blog with the preferment. I added an autolyse, which helped from the first 2 failures. I used King Arthur AP flour and white whole wheat flour for this recipe. The white whole wheat was about 40% of the flour weight. The salt was Penzey's french sea salt. I added 1.5 tbsp of very dark brown sugar (muscovado), and I used 50g regular water, 65g yeast water. The water was regular 'ol source municipal, no filtering or anything. 

I'm trying again today. I'm trying to figure out a port bread, how to use this water for straight fermentation, and making a tea leaf yeast also. I'm a busy gal! If I can figure out how to makea good dark pumpernickel with this, I will be in hog heaven!

I'd love to hear any suggestions or corrections, or pointing out of any issues. I just jumped on in after reading Wao's blog and a few posts here. I'm sure I could use pointers. 



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You can scrape the bottom and noone will ever know. I love the way it looks and I bet it had all kinds of complex flavors. I will have to look into that next. Never thought of fruit but why not? Keep us posted , I would love to know the exact recipe that you get to your satisfaction. c

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Heh. If I can not have a paper and flour cake on the bottom of my next loaf, I'll be happy. Peeling paper off hot loaves = OW! 

I've got round 2 started. Hope it does well. I'm trying the straight method with no pre-ferment right now, and it's, er small. Need to triple the recipe maybe... 

The poolish for tomorrow's loaf is going strong. I'm going to try a different mixing method and see how that goes. I'm also going to do some folding to see if I can get some more height. If that works, I'll try a port loaf! 

I just started a tea yeast water with some black chai tea. Whatever I make should be tasty with that. Maybe I'll make a sweet dough with it, if I can figure it out. 

Wao's blog here:

Recipe I used with above modifications here:

then step 2 is here: I made a boule instead of rolls and a batard.

I'll check back!