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Worcester/Western Mass area?

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Worcester/Western Mass area?

Does anyone know of a place in Worcester, or anywhere in the Brattleboro-Keene-Amherst MA area, where I can get real Italian sausage? I tried one Worcester Italian market that makes their own--no fennel! Used to be you could trip over all the Italian bakeries, markets, and restaurants in Worcester's Shrewsbury St. neighborhood. I would love to find a Latin market, too, where I could get Mexican spices and/or tortillas. And how about a place with real bagels?? Sometimes it's frustrating to know what things should taste like!

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Atkins Fruit bowl on Rt. 116 in South Amherst MA. has excellent quality Italian sausage, they even have one with fennel. 

If you ever travel out to Gloucester MA.  you'll be in heaven.  Italian markets are plentiful.

The BEST Sicilian bakery this side of the Atlantic... Cafe' Sicilia is located on Main St. It's worth the trip to Gloucester for Cafe' Sicilia alone.  Call ahead for Paul's semolina bread, it always sells out. The cannoli, biscotti and tira-mi-su are to die for. 

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I forgot to add that the best bagels in Western MA. are found at The Black Sheep Deli - 79 Main St. Amherst. Check them out at

These are not exactly Jewish  N.Y.C. bagels but close enough if you're home sick!

You might consider poking around Northampton for culinary diversity.

Good Luck

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I had to respond to this because my father use to own Turo's Market on Shrewsbury Street.  My cousin owns Leo Turo's restaurant. I now live in Switzerland but I suggest that you call Leo's and ask them if they can suggest a market for you.  Good Luck

Patricia Turo

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LuLu B

the woodstar cafe has good bagels that aren't new york style. the river valley market has H and H nyc bagels.


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I have not tried this sausage but the link was sent to me sometime ago when I was experimenting with a sausage and cheese bread loaf.


Denay I think I will order it and report back!

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This went unanswered for such a long time that I forgot about it. Thanks for the suggestions and I will try them at my next opportunities!

Now, about getting decent pizza....