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Greetings from Central MA - beginner professional baker!

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Greetings from Central MA - beginner professional baker!

Hi All!!

My name is Sarah and I'm excited to join this site and pour through the amazing information in the forums. I am a baker/pastry chef for a small bistro/beer bar in central MA and will be opening an affiliated bakery in the next fe months. I know this site is for "amateur" bakers, but I feel like I am a beginner myself and would like to share my baking experiements and pics! My background is as a chef and expertise is more in the pasty arena so breads and other yeasted prodults are a new endeavor for me.

I started a blog and myself and hopefully future team member will post our adventures in opening a new bakery!



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Hi Sarah, as a fellow Massachusett (Massachusite, Massachusian, Massachusettean?), I welcome you to The Fresh Loaf.  There is a wealth of knowledge on this site so feel free to dig into the archives.  We all look forward to hearing more of your exploits in opening your bakery.



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I'm out in Medway (MetroWest).  Definitely let us know as soon as you get your bakery open.  That would make for a nice family field trip for us.  


On your blog, those pastries and cakes are particularly heart-stopping!  


Welcome, and best of luck,



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Hello Sarah,

I'm new here, too, and golden brown with envy!  What *gorgeous* baked goods.  I can smell them from here.

- Jennifer : )

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Hi from western Mass! Good luck with your new bakery. Unfortunately all the Flickr pics said "currently unavailable," so I was unable to see your creations except for the wecks, but they all sound great.

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Welcome, Sarah, to TFL! And good luck with your bakery.

With all the MA bakers coming out to say hi, I can't truly call you neighbor; I'm way down south in CT.

I admire anyone with the talent, devotion, not to mention physical strength, to open a bakery. Let us see your progress -- BTW your rye bread is gorgeous, I want a piece, or a loaf!