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Today's bread

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Lee Geyer

Today's bread

Made two loaves today...

The first was a sourdough from a whole wheat starter that has been doing just fine for the past month. I usually keep it 100% whole wheat but decided to emulate the sifted wheat flour as recommended by Peter Reinhart for the miche, but made two smaller loaves and am retarding one for tomorrow to see if it makes much of a difference. I put a little extra into the slashing for fun, emulating something I'd seen.

The next was a pugliese (Bread Baker's apprentice) now that I have my hands on some Duram flour. I decided to brush off most of the flour from the banneton and put a fleur de "Lee" using time I am going to leave the flour on, spray water on the stencil and then add semolina so that the loaf retains that rustic look with a logo. I am also retarding one of these for tomorrow to see if there is much difference. Today's loaf is as follows:

The results are as follows:

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wow! those are just gorgeous! I'd almost want to frame it and stick it on the wall - not eat it!!! :D

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Very cool and fun!! and I sure tasty too!

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I agree 100% with dstroy. I would be running to the hardware store to buy some lacquer so I could display those loaves proudly for eternity :) However, I'm sure they taste as good as they look.... :)