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Cinnamon raisin oatmeal bread

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Janet Campbell

Cinnamon raisin oatmeal bread

Well, I'm three weeks into this baking thing and so far I'm loving it. So is my husband. We bought a baking stone (wow oven spring), a dough scraper, bowl scraper, bigger mixing bowls, and lovely wooden mixing spoons made in France. Hefty little buggers.

Anyway, today we tried making the cinnamon raisin oatmeal bread that's posted on this site. It was for three loaves and we didn't want that many so I attempted to cut the recipe down to one loaf and I think it worked. It looks good, tastes great and now we're going to try a ciabatta recipe tomorrow. Big snowstorm coming so a good day to stay warm and bake!

Figured out how to post pics so here goes.

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If there was a beauty contest for bread, this loaf would win in my opinion. Lovely, lovely job. Can I have a slice?



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Janet, your bread looks delicious!  We're snowed in, too, so I'm baking all weekend.  Let me know how your ciabatta turns out.  I just made that for the first time this week, using the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day recipe, and was quite happy with it.

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Janet Campbell

The ciabatta turned out okay. I was pleased but I'd like more air but it did taste good and we enjoyed it with our pasta tonight.

I used a KAF recipe. I've used KAF three times now. Sandwich bread (good), rolls (terrible) and this ciabatta (good) but Mark suggested using Anis' baguette recipe and using it for ciabatta. I'm going to try that next time.

Guess I'll just have to keep making it until I get it juuuust right. Lucky me!


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Hi, janet.

Your bread looks wonderful. This is a really good recipe, but, as you say, one might want to bake a smaller batch. A TFL member, KipperCat, did the calculations for 3, 2 and 1 loaf batches. She posted them in Floyd's original thread. At the cost of redundancy, and since others may find this useful, here they are:

3 loaves
680 grams bread or AP flour
227 grams WW flour
150 grams rolled oats
567 grams water
99 grams milk
68 grams honey
68 grams vegetable oil
20 grams salt
10 grams yeast
14 grams cinnamon
301 grams soaked,drained raisins

2 loaves
449 grams bread or AP flour
150 grams WW flour
99 grams rolled oats
374 grams water
65 grams milk
45 grams honey
45 grams vegetable oil
13 grams salt
7 grams yeast
9 grams cinnamon
198 grams soaked,drained raisins

1 loaf
225 grams bread or AP flour
75 grams WW flour
50 grams rolled oats
187 grams water
33 grams milk
22 grams honey
22 grams vegetable oil
7 grams salt
3 grams yeast
5 grams cinnamon
99 grams soaked,drained raisins



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Janet Campbell

Thanks for the comments and David, thanks for the recipe. I'm still trying to get used to people posting comments in reply to my posts. The positive reinforcement is very nice indeed.

We're done the preferment for ciabatta, which we're making tomorrow. If there's a pic you know it worked out. If no picture...




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Sending a slice to everyone is simply ridiculous.......Send it to me and I will tell everyone how it tasted!!!


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Another one hooked on bread baking. One loaf today and another already in the wings. Purchase of baking stone, scrapers, bowls. Welcome to the mix! Very nice loaf, looking forward to seeing your ciabatta.


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Drooling here, that looks wonderful! Great pic.

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Very nice bread, looks delicious and perfectly done.



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Oh, I want a looks perfectly delicious....I know I put a post here earlier...I think someone ate it by mistake!  They thought it was your bread!! : )


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Your loaf looks great.  Best of luck with your baking adventures and please keep us posted.