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Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer - SOLD

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Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer - SOLD

Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer.  Asking $375 plus shipping.  Also included are Blender and Cookie Paddles.  Mixer alone cost me $399.  I paid extra for the other accessories.

For an additional $40 are my bread bibles: Peter Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice and Whole Grain Breads

Everything offered here is 6 months old.  I used the mixer weekly to bake bread for about 3 months but have since been diagnosed with an allergy to wheat.  I no longer have a desire to bake bread so don't need a machine of this caliber.

Please email privately if interested.

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Can I ask how noisy the machine is? I have heard all about the Bosch, and it sounds wonderful, but I know if it is too noisy, I will leave it in the pantry, and mix by hand.

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I'd say on 1 or 2 (which is all I've ever used), it's about the same as maybe 3 or 4 on a Kitchen Aid Artisan.  I don't think it's as loud as a blender.

Does that help?

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I have one of these and it's among the quieter machines in my kitchen. The noise it does make is a lower tone so it doesn't bother us at all. The Kitchenaid is a higher pitch and the Vitamix is just LOUD! Compared to those the Bosch is quiet. :) I love mine and wouldn't trade it (if that helps.)