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Moxies 3 dip Med Bread

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Moxies 3 dip Med Bread

Has anyone ever had that really yummy 3 dip Med Bread from Moxie's appetizer menu? I'd really like to make something like that at home for appetizers when I have people over. I know its brushed with garlic butter and has rosemary. Does anyone have a recipe for bread like that? It always seems nice and crispy and chewy at the same time.


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u can buy dough from the supermarket not par baked raw dough and flour it strech it out nice and large does not have to be perfectly round but use a fork to perforate the dough have your oven ready at 425 brush your raw streched and floured dough with garlic butter and sprinkle with dry rubbed rosemary and bake till finished or you can make your own dough but if you do not know how get back to i can give you a receipe but dough is dough no big secret also your dips are as follows you can make life easy and buy garlic mayo add fresh basil salt pepper and a dash of lemon juice again if you want the recepie from scratch refer to the email above and your second dip Bruschetta can also be bought pre made again i have a receipe for that and the last dip is i think a cream cheese base whether it be herbed or not its our dip we are making now anyway cream cheese roasted garlic and tumeric or yellow mustard  any questions this is the first post ever for me and my punctuation sucks but i have been working in chain restaurants for a long time anyway good luck peace!

 hope i could help country gal 84