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First Handmade Loaves - Mill Loaf

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First Handmade Loaves - Mill Loaf

Hi, I just joined this site and yesterday made my first loaves using a recipe for a mill loaf from Dan Lepard's "The Art of Handmade Bread".  I actually bought the book for my wife for X-mas but I started reading it and I got hooked.  We made leaven last week and baked up a couple of loaves - here is a pic of them!  Luckily, my wife has an amazing sense of smell and she knew that it was time to take them out...they almost got burned!  I'm really pleased with the way it all turned out and am looking forward to the next loaf!



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I wonder, now, who really got that book?  

Happy baking to you, and thanks for sharing your pics. 

P.S.  Every now and then you should 'loan' your wife her book.  lol.