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Are red brick pavers safe for baking pizza on?

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Are red brick pavers safe for baking pizza on?

I bought a few inch thick red brick pavers to simulate a brick over pizza.  Are these safe to bake on?   I have a gas oven and was going to place the bricks on the very bottom of the oven.  



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I created a similar set up in my gas oven and it worked fine for around a month, shortly after which one of the stones broke. I was baking regularly (twice a week), and also using the oven to cook dinner. I chose to leave the stones permanently, but I suspect the constant heating and cooling led to their demise. I have since switched to a 1 inch thick piece of granite.

You also want to be careful to check that the specific stones you bought have not been treated with any sort of compound that may be able to leach into the bread when cooking. This would be my main concern. A cracked brick will be a small inconvenience to remove from the oven, and so in that regard its well worth a try. However the latter point raised could have far worse consequences and should be looked into.

Hope this helps



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I have a rectangular baking stone(16"x14") that I bought on Amazon. $40 and I leave it on the bottom shelf of my convection oven. Works great. I would buy again.