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incredibly fast rising STAR[ter]

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incredibly fast rising STAR[ter]

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starter rising too fast..!

 hafa adai all  : )

this is question regarding starter~
i mixed 1 c. bread flour with 1-1/4 tsp. active dry yeast and 1 tsp. salt then combined with 1 c. warm water...and poof almost immediately(well almost) it stared rising..i'm pretty sure my starter is rising way too fast..i live on guam where humidity is [average 85~90%..@ night]  since this is my very first start @ a starter, im throwing out an S.O.S.   what do i do now..?
if anyone can assist, so many thanks...



i meant 1 tsp S U G A R..
also, every time it rises, i stir it to lower volumn

thanx again

i am new to this wonderful site, but my apologies if (2) posts were in the wrong section