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Share your favorite "bread moment".

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Share your favorite "bread moment".

I am interested in your "moment".  That story that you find yourself telling people about over and over again.

I have only been at this a few months, but so far my favorite moment happened a few weeks ago.  I have a 2 1/2 year old son.  He was taking a nap one day and I had dough out on the counter kneading it.  He wakes up, comes in the kitchen and climbs up on the chair at the breakfast bar and looks at me.  He has seen me make bread a bunch of times and knows what I am doing.  Well this particular day i guess he was feeling witty because I asked him "what is mommy doing?"  he cocks his head to the side, thinks for a minute then "uummmmm a mess".   I couldn't help but crack up!  He said it soooo "matter-of-factly". 

This child is something else!  He goes crazy over the bread when it comes out of the oven.  One day i took a loaf of sandwich bread out of the oven.  He was up in the chair at the breakfast bar (seems to be his perch when i am baking).  I put the loaf on the cooling rack and he said "mmmm bread, get knife" and points at the butcher block.  I went to the fridge, got the butter, and a butter knife and set them on the counter by the bread.  He said "no no that knife!" lol............i probably have the only 2 year old who can pick a bread knife out of a line