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subbing ingredients

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subbing ingredients

What do you think of substituting ingredients in recipes?  Do you do it?  Many traditional foodies will swap raw honey for sugar in a recipe for example, but I find I am unsure of the proper ratio when subbing ingredients or how the results will be affected.  Conversely, what about omitting ingredients?  Say a recipe calls for an egg but you don't have one or don't eat eggs.  I suppose this would all boil down to trial and error.

Just a thought I was having.

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If you mean ingredients for bread, I do it all the time.  No honey?  Maple syrup, or sugar, but I'd use less sugar.  Shortening or butter, substitute canola/safflower/peanut/corn oil.  One egg in a bread recipe won't make that much difference if you leave it out, but more than one would change the texture.

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I do it all the time.  To me that's a big part of the fun of baking - experimenting.  Of course, it does take experience to know that some ideas just won't work.  PaddyL mentioned some examples.  Substituting liquid sweeteners for sugar means cutting back on other liquids is another.


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I've never used either Diastaltic or non-diastaltic malt syrup , ever.  I just blank that part out in recipes and use maple syrup.

    I make maple syrup every spring and usually have a few gallons on hand.  Most of my bread fans are delighted to know that the seeded rye sandwich loaf had no sugar but maple syrup in it.