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Bread is sticky after first rise

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Bread is sticky after first rise

Dear All,

I love baking my own bread, but I'm still pretty new to it. Yesterday, after kneeding the dough for about 10 mins, it was no longer sticky and quite smooth and nice. But after the first rise, and when i tried to shape it.. it was sticky again. This never happened to me before. I pretty much sort of rolled and scraped it into the loaf pan. It turned out pretty well after baking though 

I used a simple bread recipe (much like the one in this sites lesson - except with 1/3 wholemeal flour and brown sugar) . Is it normal for it to be sticky after rising?






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Hi Geraldine.

Do you scale your ingredients?  Do an autolyse?  It sounds as if flour didn't fully hydrate during the kneading period, which would explain why the dough felt drier and easier to handle.

I've found that spraying a bit of oil on the counter (or my hands) helps when dealing with sticky doughs.


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Yes, i did scale down the ingredients. I just wanted a small loaf. How do I tell if the flour has fully hydrated during the kneading? Should I need longer?



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Geraldine, what Lindy meant was did you weigh your ingredients, as opposed to measuring them in measuring cups.  It can make a huge difference, as the weight of a "cup" of flour is affected by type, humidity, how heavy-handed you are when you pack the measuring cup, etc.  That's why most good bread recipes give weights instead of, or in addition to, dry measures.

An autolyse will help ensure that your flour is fully hydrated.  Mix your flour and water (there's a lot of debate about whether to add the yeast at this point, but a classic autolyse is flour and water), and allow the mixture to sit for 30-60 minutes before proceeding with the rest of the recipe.  This will give the flour time to absorb the liquid and become well hydrated.

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Oh. Haha i misunderstood. No, I didn't weigh them. I used cups. I know better now :) will weigh and try autolyse tomorrow .


Thank you !

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"Sticky" is not necessarily a problem and depending on the recipe it could be normal for it to be sticky.  That is probably the case here as you said that the loaf turned out pretty well.

In general a little bit sticky is good and a little bit dry is not.