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Durum flour in Canada

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Lee Geyer

Durum flour in Canada


The Bread Baker's Apprentice and the Bread Bible both refer to Durum flour, or "extra fancy pasta flour", or "patent durum flour" and I cannot find a source in Canada....all I can find is Durum Semolina which is the course grind. I am dying to try several recipies requiring this golden "farina grade" flour including Reinhart's Pugliese.

Any suggestions on Canadian sources would be appreciated. Given that Canada is the largest producer of Durum wheat, you'd think that we would make more than Semolina available.

Thanks in Advance.


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Mini Oven

How close are you to North Dakota?
Mini Oven :)

I Googled: Durum flour sales. ( Add your Canadian town to the Google and try again.)

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All the Superstore locations I've been to have durum flour in their "ethnic" food isles.  It seems to be used in Indian cooking.  For that matter, it was in the Indian grocery store I went to today.  Big bags and pretty cheap.


Cameron (in Winnipeg)

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What city are you near Lee? There are lots of places in Toronto to get a variety of flours...


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Lee Geyer

I'm in Hamilton, but go to Toronto often.

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I have seen it at several Bulk Barn stores in amongst the other flour selections.


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Lee Geyer

Thanks...I'll give the bulk barn a try next time I'm in TO.

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Suet Dumpling

I just purchased durum flour at Bulk Barn in Cobourg, so should be available at most Bulks.

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Have you tried Canadian Tire? That is where all my coworkers buy their household supplies.




Sorry - couldn't resist!

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 You don't have to go to Toronto.

 I just Googled and there are two Bulk Barns in Hamilton, Upper James and Mud Road. and we have one in St Catharines.

Maybe give them a call first to see if they have what you want.


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 I just telephoned the Bulk Barn  on Genevea St, St Catharines, and yes they do have Durum flour, 68c pound. :-)))) qahtan