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Hi from Baja Mexico.

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Hi from Baja Mexico.

I am from Baja California Mexico, currently getting ready to open a new restaurant, and getting ready to start learning about bread baking, i love the kitchen and have always been interested in making good artisan bread.

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Let me be the first to welcome you on-board! And to make a request.

As a boring middle-American who no longer gets to travel around much, I enjoy reading posts from different areas of the world where people discuss the unique challenges they face in their locations and cultures (high/low temperatures, different types of flour, difficulty in finding ingrediants, local types of ovens and cooking techniques, etc). I would be grateful if you would post a few entries about your experiences getting your resturant and bakery into operation.

Good luck.


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I am originally from a large city in northern Mexico, and i now live in the city of la Paz in the Baja California peninsula. la Paz is beautiful, a tropical paradise, but its hot, right now the temperature is 87 degrees and its 9pm. Moving here i am used to the fast pace of a big city, and i am also used to having all the ingredients you want. Here my local store mostly carries regular Mexican flour, but i did find Gold Medal all purpose flour and thats what i am using to bake. La Paz is a city of 200,000 people, a growing tourist town, yet there is not a single decent restaurant in town, and so thats how i decided to move here and open a restaurant with an Italian partner who lives in town. Our restaurant will serve gourmet Mexican food, and since i bought most of the equipment in San Diego CA and had it shipped here, i have no problems concerning equipment. My only problem here has been the slow work ethic of the workers here, you hire someone to build you a brick wall, they say it will take a week, and one month later you still dont have your wall. Unfortunately, theres few skilled workers here, and almost all are the same, so i had to adapt to that and trow out my opening schedule away until things get done. Some of the positive things here, is the amazing availability of organic produce, sea food, and fruits and vegetables grown locally. Theres a lot of things to play with and a lot of exotic ingredients like Pitaya fruit that grows on cactus. Currently i have a brand new convection oven that i intend to use for everything, but i am also considering building an adobe mezquite fired oven like the locals use.

Well, thats for starters, i have to go for the typical walk along the malecon (boardwalk) eating lime sorbet and watching the people walk by, take care.

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Buena suerte in your new business. Like others on this site, I'll be very interested in hearing how your baking successes develop. Good to meet you.
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