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Pizza Pizza!

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Pizza Pizza!

On a boring Sunday afternoon I was at home trying to find something to do when I decided to make this pizza.

It hadbeen many years since I had made one... the last time being when I was in H.S. in a Home Economics

class so I really didn't remember much about how to start. I looked fora recipe online and figured out that I

needed simple ingredientsto make the crust so I gathered up my stuff and started. I useda stand mixer to

prepare the pizza dough and then took it out when it formed a sticky ball and kept on kneading with my hands. 

I left the ball to rest for about to 2 hours and then started to form the pizza. I admit I had a bit of trouble

because it would shrink back and I don't know if it maybe was too dry.. which it didn't seem to be or that's just

the way its supposed to be. If anyone can give me any tipson how I could make it better I'll gladly use them

next timeI bake one. I have to admit that the flavor was pretty good. I was surprised that it didn't have

an aweful taste to it haha. Well,here is my creation.. and if you have any ideas or advice for me please let me know. 





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Very nice looking pizza.  I would recommend Peter Reinhart's book "American Pie".  I love making pizza's in my indoor and woodfired oven and have learned some things from reading his book and lots of practice...!!  I have a few pizza photos on my blog and the way I made them...check out Floyd's pizza primer in the menu list!


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sheffield (not verified)

I don't like to post links to other sites, but I couldn't find a way to PM you.  Here's a real good site for pizza makers.