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Changing hydration for wholegrain flours...?

December 26, 2014 - 8:47am -- timbit1985

I was building a loaf of sourdough today, and I ran out ofwhite. All I had left was a bag of Robin Hood Multigrain bread  flour, which isn't my favorite. Since I was stuck, I topped up the remaining required flour with the multigrain. The resulting dough feels like a low 70% hydration compared to 75% hydration I was going for. Being the christmas holidays, going out to purchase a new bag was out of the question. I feel like 5% more water would be too much of a drastic change.  

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Song Of The Baker

Happy holidays to everyone and happy baking.

I was lucky enough to get some baking goodies from my wife.  A proper bench scraper, bowl scraper, and two books that will get me trying some new breads.

Here's today's sourdough loaves for your viewing pleasure.  Crumb shots to follow after we rip into these with turkey dinner tonight.

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Merry Xmas everyone. For this morning's bake I did 2 loaves, both my standard 20% whole wheat sour (loaf on right), and a cultured spelt flake porridge (loaf on left) am quite happy with the result. The taste is great, nice and sour from the addition of the extra fermented spelt flakes, and the crumb was better then I expected, as there was additional hydration present from the porridge, and I was worried about excessive spreading. On the contrary the loaf has a nice open crumb, both springy and well gelatinized. (I assume the other loaf, without the spelt flakes, may have an even better crumb, as it had better oven spring, 1 hour less cold retard, and weighed nearly 300g less (porridge weight), but it went to my wife's coworker, so I don't know for sure.) Anyways the quick of the formula: 

3 stage levain 70g

ap flour 320g

ww 80g

H20 340g

salt 11g

Cultered (24hour) porridge (cooked):

spelt flake 100g 

H20 200g

levain 10g


Autolyzed 1 hr, salt and porridge added, stretch n folds at 20,40,60, 90 min. 2 hour rest, shaped and basketed, 12 hr cold retard, baked in DO at 450 covered 20, uncovered 20. 


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When is my starter/pre-ferment active & ready to use?

December 25, 2014 - 12:13pm -- AbeNW11

Today I decided to do a sourdough and wished to make a pre-ferment. Oh no! no available containers. Oh well, the dough bowl will have to do and as for "rising and falling" being an indicator that's out of the question with a 150g pre-ferment in a huge bowl. No probs I'll just take an educated guess. 

So mix starter, flour and water in the bowl and cover with clingfilm / plastic wrap. 

Some bubbles appearing on top but as it's spreading out thin there's no chance of rising. 

Check again... Steaming up so must be alright. That'll be the CO2. 


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