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Larry Clark

sourdough 101 thread question

Does anyone know where this thread continues? Debra was going to  give us the results of  her bread baking and Pamela and TFL were going to follow along as she walked us through making the bread but it stops short of that.



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Sourdough English Muffins



I know there have been plenty of entries on the subject of English muffins here on TFL, but I actually just made them for the first time recently. Somehow or another the thought just hadn't crossed my mind but these were delicious! I almost feel guilty buying those 100 calorie whatcha ma-call-its for so long! This is one of the only things that I've made that came out looking so identical to a store bought product. Although they came out looking the same the flavor and texture was out of this world! 

External Linkn to blog post and recipe:


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Pistachio frangipane tarts and some birkes

Summer is most definitely my favourite time of the year. And finally it's here! Few things are better than wandering about outdoors in the early hours of morning, letting the sun shine down on you and inhaling the refreshing scents of wet grass, blooming flowers and the fresh, salty air blowing in from the sea.

Summer also means an abundance of ripe berries and fruit. Yesterday I spotted some lush, perfectly ripe strawberries that a farmer was selling. When you get them just right; blood red, plump, juicy and wildly fragrant, few things outmatch strawberries. Strawberries pair perfectly with pistachios, so this morning I prepared some pistachio frangipane tarts and dressed them up with some succulent berries after baking. Below is a photo of blind baked pâte sucrée shells and pistachio frangipane in the red bowl. For the pistachio frangipane, I mixed 2 parts pistachio cream (just replace almond meal with pistachio meal in your almond cream recipe) with 1 part Grand Marnier flavoured pastry cream.

Pistachio frangipane tarts


The tarts were filled 2/3 the way up with pistachio frangipane and baked at 190C for 15 - 20 mins, until baked through. They were then cut into smaller portions and brought along to the office together with some freshly baked tebirkes. A terrific summer treat :)

Pistachio frangipane tarts and tebirkes


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French Bread w/Liquid Levain-updated

My first attempt at these loaves from Daniel T. DiMuzio's book 'bread baking An Artisan's Perspective'.  An excellent book and one of my favorites.  I used the formula for Baguettes with Liquid Levain.  I made one small baguette for dinner before bulk fermenting the rest of the dough for 24hrs.  My husband had crunched it in half and was eating it before I had finished putting dinner on the table and said yumm this is delicious.  I made 2 french breads also 'called parisiennes in the book when scaled into 500g (18oz).  The french 2 loaves weighed 16.3 oz. each after being baked.  The flavor is delicious, sweet, buttery and no sourness with a creamy mouth feel and nice chew to the crust.







             After searching I found the photo taken of the crunched baguette.  So I added it for reference.  In MHO it is very similar to the Baguette Monge I did with the same 69% hydration level.  There is no added organic white wheat in this baguette.  I will add it next bake because the taste is so delicious and closely resembles in appearance and flavor that of the E.K.B.M. I baked.








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Self-made steam-injected oven

Hello everybody ! I am Michael and I am here just a week.

I live in the country where baking is unknown game and it is extremely difficult to buy anything related to baking ( for home baker ).  So I made my own steam oven in 5 minutes.

I took a shower pipe , removed inner plastic pipe, connected one side to the pressure cooker and the other into the oven. Everything fits perfectly tight without any nuts and bolts. then, of course, boiled water and got an enormous amount of steam inside oven.

Has anyone made something like this before, as I'd like to exchange experience ( length of the pipe, time ) .

pipe into oven

pressure cooker with pipe

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Independence Day!

This 4th of July the party at my house was my kid's party! As I looked out across my yard at these adults that I watched grow I thought about how independent they are! My son a C.P.A. and my daughter graduating next year from college and already doing her internship. Frank, my son's friend since playschool, working in accounting, living in Philadelphia. He has a really sweet girlfriend and I must say I am proud of him! Ray is on his way to Law School already has a degree in accounting. He also is living in Philadelphia! I am proud of him! Andy working towards becoming a doctor, Wey working in computers! I am proud of all of them!
I am so thankful that after growing up and becoming" Independent " my children still like to hang out with Karl and I! They like to bring their friends over and hang out with my friends! This is a great time for Karl and I, we do not have as much responsibility towards our kids. They have become are friends and we really do enjoy them! I like how "Independent" they are! I like having them around! The day after the Party I noticed someone wrote on my blackboard "Karl and his family Rock". I laughed and thought no! You kids rock and you can come here anytime and hang out!
You are probably wondering what this has to do with a Brick Oven? The party of course was around the oven. We served 20 Pizzas and the oven was the main attraction! We had Lillian, Franks mom, baking pies! George had a shift at the oven! Joe, of course always eager to help me with the pizza!
The Fireworks were awesome thanks to Frankie and K.C.
 I want to thank Craftmetal for making a pizza prep counter for me! I really like the insulated well for my toppings! I love being able to make pizza in the barn next to the oven!

Thanks Craftmetal!

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Fabulous Flickr Changes! Not


It seems as if flickr are bragging about their "bigger, faster, more" photo upload page.

Well, I'm trying to post a new blog entry, and having great difficulty loading photos from flickr to the blog entry using the "grab url" tool.

Do I now have to upload these photos in a smaller size first, as I don't seem to be able to edit to a small size on flickr and then paste these into the blog entry?

Can any photo expert advise me out there please?

Many thanks in anticipation


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Stand mixer / spiral mixer mixing time


I'm baking Mamelman's whole wheat bread for a couple of weeks and want to see if any of you know what is the mixing rate of Hamelman's 3 minutes on a spiral mixer first speed then 2.5 minutes on the second speed in a home stand mixer with what we call here a "knead hook" not a spiral one.

Thanks a lot,


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Farmstead Sourdough Bread

These sourdough loaves are from Beth Hensperger's 'The Bread Bible'.  There are two different books titled 'The Bread Bible'.  Rose Levy Beranbaum's 'the bread bible' is one of my favorite books. 

This  sourdough bread recipe was designed to bake in loaf pans.  It makes a very nice tasting basic sourdough bread for everyday use for sandwiches and toast.  It was my first attempt at making it and I changed a few things.... next time I will omit the yeast and give the loaves an  overnight in the frig. 

Makes two 9X5 inch loaves

B.H. Recipe

1 1/2 cups warm water 105F to 115F - I used 168g cool water

1 Tablespoon - l pkg. active dry yeast - "  " 1 teaspoon IADY

1 Tablespoon Sugar -                          "  " 1 TBsp. Honey

1 Cup Classic Sourdough Starter            "  " 180 gms - sourdough

8 Tablespoons unsalted melted butter   - ( 1 stick )

1 Tablespoon salt                                "  " 1 Tbsp. sea salt

5 1/2 to 6 cups unbleached all purpose flour or bread flour  -  125 g per cup of Gold Medal Bread Flour

Baked at 350F oven preheated  -  35 to 40 Minutes

You can add 1 to 2 cups of raisins or dried blueberries, or 1 cup of granola to the dough.

I mixed my dough with the paddle in my KA just until shaggy and let it sit covered for 25 min. added salt and with the kneader blade kneaded for until the dough came together and cleared the sides of the bowl and was smooth for about 3 minutes.  Removed and placed it into a greased bowl and did Stretch and Flolds until the gluten was developed.  Divided into 2 pre-shaped loaves rested for 15 min., shaped and placed in pans for final proof.  Baked in a pre-heated convection oven 400 and adjusted heat as loaves browned. 

                                       Pictures taken under kitchen lights so they have yellow cast





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So this is my first Introduction entry to the fresh loaf site. My name is Cat, I'm a homemaker, wife and mother of two young sons. My primary passion is of course being a mother but my real fascination is being a cook and baker. I run my own blog at, my short term goals are satisfying my families need to eat, and ideally I'd like to publish a cook book. My long term goals well... I'd like my children to be grown with fond  memories of how I tried extra hard to give them cherished food memories, for as long as I can remember I've documented things in my mind by the foods of each occasion. Many years from now I really just want my family to have great memories and to be proud of me. 

Although I maintain my own personal blog regularly I plan to update on this site as well. For a few years now I've become mildly obsessed with all things bread, and sourdough especially. I do bake from scratch and often make every meal as home made as possible but my passion is baking and fermenting. In addition to being obsessed with bread I also home brew my own meads, wines and beers, and I'm fond of home preserving. The absolute perfect supper to me is a glass of home brewed mead, a loaf of crusty bread and sometimes even a home preserved chutney or jam. So this is my hello I hope to offer something to this lovely bread head community! 


Dearest Regards,