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maple cinna-sugar breakfast bread (needs a better name)

maple1been a while, got behind with trying to graduate, but now thats all over... Here is my return into baking. This came out awesome, It was soft, fluffy, and sweet. My fiance loved it for breakfast.



3 cup flour ( i used ap)

1 cup water

1/4 cup maple syrup

2 tsp yeast

2 tsp salt

1 tbs sugar

1tbs butter


Mix the ingediants minus the salt and butter, then add salt and butter, knead till ready ( i had to add about 1/4 cup extra flour to firm up my dough).

first rise: 1 hour

then roll out and sprinkle generously with cinnamon and sugar mixture created to taste, roll up into a standard loaf pan ( i used silicone).

second rise: 1 hour

bake at 375 for 35 min then check till GBD. Let me know if it works for you!


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How wide is the field?

So here I go again. Slap me if needed.

Watch the connection for this question: pizza, pizza pie, pie crust, pie dough, sweet pie dough, sweet pie dough for tart fillers, tart fillers, rhubarb and pie cherries are tart, rhubarb or cherry pie. Ta-dah!

Is pie crust too far afield for this site, 'cause I'm okay with that if it is? But I do have this fabulous sweet pie dough recipe for tart fillers...


PS, anyone know of a good general baking site, or a specifically pie site?

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Pet treats of all sorts

I've seen a few mentions of baking dog biscuits among the postings here. Does anyone have a recipe or tip to share? I've used variations on recipes driven by something in the freezer that I didn't want to waste but didn't want to eat either.

I have large parrots and dogs and bake specifically for them at times (and accidently for them at times). One thing I do is throw eggs in the blender shell and all when baking for the birds to boost the calcium. I also include as many carrots as the recipe will hold because they like them baked-in but not alone.

The flock will appreciate your creativity.

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Spring Sunflowers

This is a sourdough loaf that I saw Sourdough-guy do last week. It looked so good I just had to try it. I used my "basic sourdough" formula and folded in the seeds at the end of the 48 hour bulk ferment. From the looks of sourdough-guy's compared I would say I could have put more seeds in although it seemed like a lot at the time. (very scientific approach here). The flavor is incredible and the toasted seeds are bumped up a notch from the baking. 450F for 30 minutes.

Thanks for the inspiration sourdough-guy, in the end I used a similar method of planning and it worked out pretty well.


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Sourdough Taste Problem

I made my first sourdough loaf today.  It's not very good.

It's way too sour.  I like my sourdough sweet, but this is barely edible it's so sour.

It rose wonderfully, the bread looks nice, it just doesn't taste good.

Is it possible I've used it too early?  I thought that it was ready to use when it could double in size. 

What would make it taste so sour?

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New guy posts pics

just wanted to say hello formally. i love this site. I read it all the time and I have learned a ton from everybody who posts here. Im posting two pics here. the first is a sourdough rye from last week and the second is my lastest bread addiction, whole grain dinner rolls. see you round folks!

sourdough rye

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Tonight's Dinner -- Filled Bread

I've been wanting to make this recipe for a couple of weeks, and finally made time for it tonight. The recipe is at:

I can't create a link to the exact recipe, but you can click on 'Pane Ripieni' in the left column to see it. It's really can create any filling you want. I made it with Swiss chard, garlic, and broccoli, and mozzarella here and there. I sprayed it with olive oil and sprinkled sesame seeds on, but most of them jumped off as soon as I touched a knife to the loaf. Hmmm, maybe an egg wash next time. I meant to include crumbled feta as well, but was overcome by toddler-induced brain damage, and just forgot. It's Friday, after all...




A Little Slice of Heaven

A Little Slice of Heaven

Give it a try. It's easy and very satisfying, especially with your favorite wine. mmmmmmmmmmm...!


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Measuring liquid in ounces

It could be because I'm Canadian, but I'm confused by this (we're mainly metric up here)...


When you're measuring water by weighing, do you measure in ounces or fluid ounces?  I have settings for both on my scale...



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Nostalgic Recipe

This weekend I baked a loaf that used to be a family favorite and always is successful. It is a soft white bread recipe that is punched down once and then pinched into walnut sized pieces, dipped in garlic butter and layered in a tube pan. I added sauteed chanterelle mushroom and green olive muffuletta between the layers with the italian herbs and cheeses.

Herb Bubble Loaf

Herb Bubble Loaf

Herb Bubble Slices

Herb Bubble Slices

This is a recipe that was featured in a magazine (I think Regan was in office!). After several weeks of baking breads with long fermentation, the bread seems bland. I would recommend substituting your favorite bread recipe and adapting it to the technique.

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My Daily Bread

This is another in my series of large boules of whole grain sourdough. I may have finally found a way to make a crumb to complex. Using perhaps more rye than I should have, this is a little more dense than I like but still flavorful. My wife made me a tool to create a round slash for the top. She is an artist with all the skills to make what ever tools she needs for sculpting or jewelry making. I was doubtful that it work but alas, the proof is here for all to see. I'm resisting the call for a polka dot pattern (artists are a demanding lot).

Today I will be starting some Tomsbread 100%WW. I think I have decided that it is better from the standpoint of flavor to to use fewer types of flour and therefore develop a more distinct taste that can be identified. The same is true in European style cooking. Some of the best dishes I make are simple distinctive flavors that stand out on their own. Pizza is a good example I think and Focaccia with a little olive oil and tomato/balsamic vinegar topping. Or maybe a slice of Ciabatta dipped in expensive olive oil. Mmmm delicious!