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Larry Clark

20 percent bran wheat flour?

Dan leader's San Francisco Sourdough calls for this flour. What is it and where can I get it.  I didn't see it at KA as a search of TFL archives suggested.



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Beer Bread - Soaker

I have a recipe for Sourdough Rye Beer Bread. Was thinking about convertining it to having a soaker using the rye flour,1/2 of the whole wheat and all of the beer. Any thoughts?

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Larry Clark

sourdough 101 thread question

Does anyone know where this thread continues? Debra was going to  give us the results of  her bread baking and Pamela and TFL were going to follow along as she walked us through making the bread but it stops short of that.



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Yorkshire puddings

There are probably many that disagree with my recipe but I feel my pictures say it all, it works.

For my 6 fairly large puddings I used, almost as soon as I have had breakfast.

  2 large eggs right from the fridge

  1/3 cup flour, yesterday I used the same flour as I use for my bread

  and about 1/4 to 1/3 cup cold water right from the cold tap.

 Mixed all in a large bowl with balloon whisk, it's a job to get it to blend well. so I let it be a bit lumpy looking, mixture looks like heavy cream, sorta slow to pour.

this mix is then poured into a small jug, and the jug placed in the fridge, till I want to cook the pudding about 8 hours later.

I then heat my oven to 400f, spray my pans  with a quick spray of  Pam, place empty pans in oven to heat about 3/4 mins, remove pans from oven, divide the pudding mix into the hot pudding pans, place in oven and bake about 40 minutes, or until puffed and golden.

I do have a little story that goes along with Yorkshire puddings, I am a Londoner and these puddings are/were very popular when i was younger, My mum often made them

and it never failed when they were in the oven and you could see them rising, my mum would always say, "oh, I don't know whats happened to those Yorkshires," hence every one would look through the oven window and see all these gorgeous pudding

 puffing up like clouds. And strangely enough I seem to do the same as my mum always did........ :-))))  qahtan.  

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Pistachio frangipane tarts and some birkes

Summer is most definitely my favourite time of the year. And finally it's here! Few things are better than wandering about outdoors in the early hours of morning, letting the sun shine down on you and inhaling the refreshing scents of wet grass, blooming flowers and the fresh, salty air blowing in from the sea.

Summer also means an abundance of ripe berries and fruit. Yesterday I spotted some lush, perfectly ripe strawberries that a farmer was selling. When you get them just right; blood red, plump, juicy and wildly fragrant, few things outmatch strawberries. Strawberries pair perfectly with pistachios, so this morning I prepared some pistachio frangipane tarts and dressed them up with some succulent berries after baking. Below is a photo of blind baked pâte sucrée shells and pistachio frangipane in the red bowl. For the pistachio frangipane, I mixed 2 parts pistachio cream (just replace almond meal with pistachio meal in your almond cream recipe) with 1 part Grand Marnier flavoured pastry cream.

Pistachio frangipane tarts


The tarts were filled 2/3 the way up with pistachio frangipane and baked at 190C for 15 - 20 mins, until baked through. They were then cut into smaller portions and brought along to the office together with some freshly baked tebirkes. A terrific summer treat :)

Pistachio frangipane tarts and tebirkes


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Self-made steam-injected oven

Hello everybody ! I am Michael and I am here just a week.

I live in the country where baking is unknown game and it is extremely difficult to buy anything related to baking ( for home baker ).  So I made my own steam oven in 5 minutes.

I took a shower pipe , removed inner plastic pipe, connected one side to the pressure cooker and the other into the oven. Everything fits perfectly tight without any nuts and bolts. then, of course, boiled water and got an enormous amount of steam inside oven.

Has anyone made something like this before, as I'd like to exchange experience ( length of the pipe, time ) .

pipe into oven

pressure cooker with pipe

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Independence Day!

This 4th of July the party at my house was my kid's party! As I looked out across my yard at these adults that I watched grow I thought about how independent they are! My son a C.P.A. and my daughter graduating next year from college and already doing her internship. Frank, my son's friend since playschool, working in accounting, living in Philadelphia. He has a really sweet girlfriend and I must say I am proud of him! Ray is on his way to Law School already has a degree in accounting. He also is living in Philadelphia! I am proud of him! Andy working towards becoming a doctor, Wey working in computers! I am proud of all of them!
I am so thankful that after growing up and becoming" Independent " my children still like to hang out with Karl and I! They like to bring their friends over and hang out with my friends! This is a great time for Karl and I, we do not have as much responsibility towards our kids. They have become are friends and we really do enjoy them! I like how "Independent" they are! I like having them around! The day after the Party I noticed someone wrote on my blackboard "Karl and his family Rock". I laughed and thought no! You kids rock and you can come here anytime and hang out!
You are probably wondering what this has to do with a Brick Oven? The party of course was around the oven. We served 20 Pizzas and the oven was the main attraction! We had Lillian, Franks mom, baking pies! George had a shift at the oven! Joe, of course always eager to help me with the pizza!
The Fireworks were awesome thanks to Frankie and K.C.
 I want to thank Craftmetal for making a pizza prep counter for me! I really like the insulated well for my toppings! I love being able to make pizza in the barn next to the oven!

Thanks Craftmetal!

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Fabulous Flickr Changes! Not


It seems as if flickr are bragging about their "bigger, faster, more" photo upload page.

Well, I'm trying to post a new blog entry, and having great difficulty loading photos from flickr to the blog entry using the "grab url" tool.

Do I now have to upload these photos in a smaller size first, as I don't seem to be able to edit to a small size on flickr and then paste these into the blog entry?

Can any photo expert advise me out there please?

Many thanks in anticipation


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Home Stonegrinding


I recently bought a home stonegrinder in order to max out on the health aspects that come with baking whole-grain breads. I have a couple of questions with which I would appreciate some help.

1) When grinding, should one let the stones touch each other? At this stage I am quite scared of damaging the stones, but i am finding that if the stones have fairly reasonable (i.e not terribly light) contact with each other, I get a very nice medium coarseness

2) Should one partially grind the grain to a coarse grind and then go fine, or should one just go straight for fine? I tried the two step process and found that the flour didn't come out a whole lot finer whilst the bran stayed exactly as is. If the two stage process is better, how coarse should the first grind be?

3) Whilst I understand that the friction will raise the temperature of the flour, what is an acceptable temperature for the flour to come out?

4) What are the signs of a good quality grind, and what are the indicators for having messed it up?


Thanks a lot,


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Bialystoker Kuchen (bialy)

I've recently stumbled upon the tradition of making Polish bialy. This was my first try at the recipe and I found them to be absolutely amazing. Although I am not Jewish and have never had one before in my life I think I gave it a good effort and made my own variation that is wonderful and tasty. (with my sourdough starter of course!)


External Link to blogpost and recipe: