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Stone VS parchment paper on stone?

I getting ready to make my first pizza and have a question about using a stone vs parchment paper on stone. Is there a big difference?

I have an inexpensive stone I use for breads and I tried a store bought pizza directly on it and it stuck. Even my bagels stuck, so I use parchment paper and have no problems at all. But I wonder if the pizza crust won't be as good as it could be if I don't use the paper?

Another question I have, while I'm asking, I notice the gas in my oven seems to go off/on more often with the stone..possibly it's my imagination? I suppose I'm asking are there any possibly bad side effects to your oven using a stone?


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New and Confused

I've only been on board here for a few weeks.  I find that my account includes a list labled "Track" for those posts I've shown some interest in.  Some of the items on the list haven't shown a post of any kind for more than four weeks and It gets a bit difficult after a while to maintain any sense of this list and I can't identify any method for clearing out the list.  When, if ever, do these fall off the list?  Can anyone tell me how to manage this never ending list of information that I'd rather not deal with on a day to day basis?

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Dinner Rolls

Does anyone have a really, really good dinner roll recipe.  I need to make some for a bridal shower. 

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Suas Scones and new toys!, --Image Heavy--

It is my girlfriends birthday today so I decided to make her a special breakfast! I had eyeballed the butter scones from Advanced Bread and Pastries before but seeing as how they are so rich I didn't want to make them save for a special occasion. Here in sweden a scone is more akin to Soda Bread than the sweetish style scones you get in Britain och America.

I managed to make them up the day before without my girlfriend noticing and refrigerate them overnight so that I could bake them for here first thing in the morning. I think they turned out pretty good, and my girlfriend did like them so I'm set!

Butter scones


I have also finally taken the plunge and aquired a Pullman pan for myself, maybe a 1.5kg loaf of tasty toast bread is too much for a two person family but maybe a 2.5kg loaf of Vollkornbrot might not be enoguh? hmm.. might have to share any attempts at Vollkornbrot with friends or there will be leftovers for ever! Here the pullman pan Is shown beside my regular breadpan.

and here is how a loaf of sourdough sandwich bread turned out, tasty! This is the same bread I have blogged about earlier, with a formula developed by me. Unfortunately the picture is insanely yellow, but that is due to poor lighting when I took the picture.

This is a secret too, but I have also made two mini cheesecakes for tonights dinner wich I am making for my girlfriend, hope that they are tasty..


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Rainy day

Very wet here this weekend.  Good for rainbows...

and also good for baking!

I made buttermilk cinnamon rolls this afternoon...

and a couple of loaves of my daily bread to eat with a big pot of soup this evening.


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Recipe exchange

Looking for Swed who has grandmother's Swedish Limpa recipe. I have a wonderful recipe to share and would love to experiment with another.-Texasbarngirl*

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Has anyone here used one of these before? I bought one second hand from a lady whose husband only used it a few times. At any rate, I had a lot of problems with it initially. I found it hard to manipulate it. It clogged up every time I put the tiniest bit of grain and shut off. One day I got so tired of it that I got some Dust Off and sprayed the stone grinders. Probably not the best thing to do, but since that time I've ground about 15 lbs of flour.

The problem I'm still having is that it's still not grinding very fine. Also, it apparently came with a jar to catch the flour, but the original owner didn't have it. I have tried to find a jar that would fit, but no such luck. I'm just wondering if anyone else has used this grinder? If so, have you had these same issues?




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Did the Hearthkit Manufacturer fold?

Does anyone know if the manufacturer of hearthkits is still in business?  Their website has been "under construction" for some time now, and it's not available anywhere except EBAY.  

I ask because I went ahead and bought an unused model off EBAY.  It was real cheap, but I'm hoping I don't have any problems which would have otherwise been covered by warranty. 

Also, I hope this doesn't duplicate an earlier post.  If so my apologies.  I looked around as best I could, but it didn't appear in my search results.

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My First Posted Bake

This is the first time I am actually sharing the results of my bake.  I have posted a few times in the past, but never showed what I can, and more often than not, what I cannot do.  I have baked Wild Yeast Rustic Flax Seed-Currant Sourdough today.  I made it once before, with cranberries instead of currants, and it tasted wonderful, though shaping left a lot to be desired.  I have decided to avoid the diamond shape altogether today and went for the more traditional batards.  All worked well and everybody who tasted the bread, absolutely loved it.  The recipe is a winner, try it if you have not yet done it.  Here are the pics and

Many Good Bakes to All


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Left over starter...

I'm never really comfortable throwing out starter when it's feeding day.  I keep my starter in the refrigerator, I keep about 3# at 75% hydration, and I feed it once a week, or more if I'm using a lot.  So....sometimes I left with quite a chunk of starter on feeding day.  I bake enough to use all my starter, but often, I want to try some of the instant yeasted breads.  Well, starter is really only flour and water (with bacteria and yeast of course).  So, with baker's math, one pound of starter has @9.15 oz. of flour, and @6.85 oz. of water. I just subtract these amounts from the flour and water in a instant yeasted recipe, and go from there.  I made a batch of foccacia with throw away starter using Reinhart's foccacia recipe. 

1# of starter (75% hydration-@9.15 oz. flour/@6.85 oz. water)

13.35 oz. flour

2tsp. instant yeast

2tsp. salt

3oz. olive oil

and I put a squirt of honey. 

I followed the recipe, and I'm very happy with more throwing away extra starter for me.....and I can expand my horizons with more instant yeasted breads.

Some samples of foccacia boosted with left over starter......The first one I made, I sent home with a guest. I divided the second batch into two foccacias because the recipe makes the foccacia too big for my taste.