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Panettone Bread Pudding

Leftover Panettone makes a flavorful bread pudding.  A warm dessert for Christmas or New Years Eve.

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A present for my friends here on TFL (not bread)

I love KFC's slaw, I have found that people either love it or think its too sweet. For me its milky creamy sweetness mixed with the cabbage crunch is about as addictive as crack. It is my all time favorite slaw. I searched a long time for an "Copy Cat" recipe until I found this post online.

"I worked for KFC for many years and I made cole slaw several times a week. This recipe was invented by Sanders himself. We made 25 pounds at a time and the recipe was equal amounts of Miracle Whip and sugar and 1/4 the amount of oil and vinegar. But here it is in a table serving amount

1 head of cabbage, shredded

1 or two carrots
1/4 onion


1 cup Miracle Whip Salad Dressing
1 cup sugar (yep, I cup)
1/4 cup oil
1/4 cup vinegar

Mix together and pour over cabbage mix. Let it sit for a few hours before eating and I guarantee it is the exact same as KFC."

I have made this recipe dozens of times and it IS the KFC recipe. I know it looks all wrong, "A cup of sugar!!! argh! trust me. Make it and you will become a believer.

I offer this to the members of TFL as my gift to you.

Happy Holidays from me.


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Hi from California

I have never made bread before with out using the pre made frozen dough you can buy at the grocery store.  However I do make pizza dough all of the time!  And it turns out fantastic.  I did that by hand.  So now I have finally gotten a kitchen aid stand mixer which I have wanted for I don't know how long, and I am trying to make bread.  It seems like my dough is coming out drier then my pizza dough did.  The only thing that I can really think of being different is that I put 2 tsp of olive oil in the mix.  Any one got any suggestions.  I really love making the pizza dough, and I thought I would try my hand at bread.  I just love the whole process of creating great food!



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White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

On the third day of holiday baking, I present you with white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.  This is an unusual recipe in that the butter and brown sugar are creamed together and the white sugar is added later with the dry ingredients.  It's how I learned to make these but I don't know why.  They are crispy at the edges and chewy in the middle! 


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Pannetone in a can

I've learned a lot from both this forum and from baking lots of bread. One of the lessons I learned early on is that specialty pans are expensive and that 99% of the time there is an alternative in the cupboard already. So-not having a pannetone pan and not planning well enough ahead to order the papers for holiday baking was not too much of a barrier. I decided what size loaf I wanted to bake, went to my cupboard and found some adequately sized cans-YES cans!

These are individual sized pannetones- turns out the water chestnut can and the mandarin orange can were the perfect size for my project. I also decided that since the dough was so sticky, I should have a release paper liner with parchment paper. I tried exactly one time to form-fit a pannetone paper that would sleekly hug the can and have a disc of paper on the bottom so the bottom wouldn't stick. I used all my scissor skills learned in kindergarten. What a job that was! No way I'm doing that 10 or more times! What I ended up doing is taking a square of parchment paper,centering it over the top of the can and using the next size smaller can as a plunger and carefully plunging it into the receiving can-taking care to flatten all the folds (and not tear it) in my version of a tulip paper. (more like a chrysanthemum paper). I sprayed the inside with pan release and I was good to go!

I filled them 3/4 of the way since this dough was not going to rise much-it had risen for about 24 hours and I projected at least a 5 hour rise in the can-it turned into a 9 hour rise,even in a warm,moist environment. I didn't take a pic of that but here is the crumb.

This was from floydm's Pannetone recipe on the homepage picture. It is quite delicious but more fruit bread than bread with fruit. I think next time I will use only about 1 1/2 c fruit total (fruit and raisins together) than 4 cups (as in recipe) as I prefer my holiday bread to be more bready. It may rise faster,also. I had orange flower water and added vanilla for a really wonderfully scented bread. The dried fruit I used were craisins,candied orange peel,candied pineapple and golden raisins. I had slivered almonds instead of sliced. Sliced almonds would have been better. The topping was sugar mixed with a few drops of the orange flower water and vanilla,stirred to a wet,crumbly stage and put on top before baking for a crackly kind of finish.

A new camera is on the Christmas wish list-this one is almot dead! Wish the pics were better.

Happy Holidays! and don't let the holidays break your bank. Take a look around for what will work! It's a good exercise for the brain!

Thanks to floydm for the delicious pannetome and brioche recipes! My co-workers and family love you for it!



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jim baugh

Muffuletta Bread and olive salad recipe

We just made some Muffuletta bread for our olive salad turned out great. Baked in cast iron skillets to get those nice round loafs. First try on this one, but, turned out really good.

Recipe and info at our blog


Have a great day!!

Jim Baugh


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Dresdner Stollen

Used the recipe by harrygermany in this thread, comparing to the BBA version last year, this one is richer, denser, and more dilicious in my opinion.


Used osmotolerant SAF Gold yeast (24g) instead of the 84g of fresh yeast, the dough rose well and had great ovenspring - a little too much oven spring actually, I think a bit of proofing time wouldn't hurt. But the formula works great as is.

I waited for over a week before cutting open the first one, the other two are wrapped and frozen. Will cut another one around Christmas, the third one sometime next year to see how flavor develope. The generous amount of butter brushed on the finished loaves is really the key for great flavor, even after only "aging" for one week, I am impressed by how rich the taste is. The texture of the loaf is like a rich pound cake, or even a shortbread cookie! I prefer this one over the BBA version.


Submitting to Yeastspotting.

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It's sweet but it's not baked -Almond Pecan Caramel Corn

I have started my holiday baking.  For the next 7 days I plan to post a new treat each day.  This caramel corn is sweet, salty, crunchy and very addictive.

bowl of caramel corn

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WW sweet rolls ideas?

I want to make some beautiful sweet rolls as neighbor gifts this christmas, but I am afraid that people won't like them because they're whole wheat.  I don't bake with white,  and I feel like you can't separate fluffy white bread from cinnamon rolls in most people's minds.  Is there a combination that you think would naturally compliment the flavor of whole wheat, like pear or orange rolls?  I'm just looking for some good ideas.

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Help - I dropped my dough on the floor... Need a QUICK recipe

I just pulled my PR Pain a L'Ancienne Focaccia out of the fridge to shape it and let it rest and dropped it on the floor and broke the bowl.


I need to bring bread to a party tonight - does anybody have a link to a quick bread dough that I can mix, rise and put in the oven in 5.5 hours?