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20120313 Farewell. Deluxe German Rye








After years of dedicated service, my assistant has retired.  To celebrate this big event, we'd presented her with one of the most popular entertainments in the Asian community - a karaoke party; a Chinese style hot-pot buffet farewell lunch; and a going-away card.     Though all of these 'standard procedures' were thoughtful, they were lacking the personal touch she deserves.  Therefore, I made her a loaf of rye bread, with not only the best ingredients, but also, above all, with love. 


During the last couple of days of her career,  as she's going around to say goodbye to her friends in the various departments she had worked for in the past decades, I took photographs of them. A photo album capturing these precious moments will be on its way to her.  Years from now when she opens this album again, I hope, fond memories of her ex-colleagues (and my bread) will come to her mind vividly.  I will miss her dearly.


For photographs, please click here .



Submitted to Susan's Yeastspotting!

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When to use sourdough starter?

At what time in a sourdough starter's cycle is it best to start mixing? About the time it should be fed? When it peaks after feeding?

Does is vary according to what kind of dough or method will be used?

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Sardinian bread-making video

An interesting video, about 12 minutes long, detailing the preparation of Sardianian "carta da musica" a delicious, thin bread, more of a cracker, really, that is literally a biscuit.


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Best flour to make gourmet cupcakes?


Which type of flour; pastry flour, cake flour or all purpose flour, do professional bakers use to make cupcakes?  I currently use All Purpose Flour and occasionally depending on the type of cupcake I use cake flour. 

I heard that most professional bakers use pastry flour, is that true?

Is it best to use pastry flour to help make the cupcakes be more moist and raise up rather than be flat?

Please let me know.



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Mill Suppliers in California


Does anyone know of any local wholesale or distributing mills in California, preferrably Southern California.  I have an online catering business, and need to establish myself with a local supplier to purchase more than 50lbs bags on a weekly basis.

If anyone knows, please let me know.


Rachelle Harris

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a few rye bread questions

I'm at a second try for a 100% rye bread. While waiting for the rye paste to proof, I have these simple questions, if anyone online can help me.


1. this type of rye bread (100% rye, baked in a pan) could be / must be / better-not be baked on a baking stone?

2. must be baked with steam for the first minutes? or without steam, if you put a lid on the pan?

3. must be covered with aluminium foil (or a lid) the whole baking time?


thank you in advance.


Update: pictures below, added the next day



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Amazing video on shaping French regional breads

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SD Hemp Bags - txfarmer method with Hanseata's Seeds

After the last bake's attempt for flavor instead of holes, this bake was for baguette holes.  I also had some hemp seeds burning a hole in my pocket so thought they would be appropriate.  Burning, burning holes, holes and hemp are baggie proof and go way back to SF in the early 70's as far as I can personally attest.

I wanted to use txfarmer's 36 hour baguette method for a new variation that was different from all of her many variations.  The holes she produces with this recipe, in all of its forms, are amazing - and holes were the main goal today.  I wanted a new variation and Hanseata's Hemp seeds (scalded and then soaked for 4 hours) were the ticket.  I want to thank them both for their inspiration.  I did use a slightly different method by retarding the levain for 12 hours too, to go along with the 24 hour autolyse.  Was trying to get more SD flavor and hoped for holes with this extra levain retard.  The previous bake of 20% rye and WW had much better, deeper and lingering SD flavor - the taste of the bread was just better overall and more akin to my personal preference.

Got a nice crust with some blisters, some ears, some glossy holes, nice nutty taste from the hemp seeds, nice SD twang along  some very poor slashing on one baguette as is usual for me.  I give this bake an 87  or B+. Recipe follows pix.  Use txfarmer's method and just retard the levain too.

The bread was more sour today and I am adding another crub shot of the lunch shot that follows.  Bologna with  cheddar cheese and greens, salad, a brie wedge, a radish, carrot and jicama sticks, olives, tomato, some refried black and red beans.  Sorry for the smudge on the lens - never photograph while you eat!  Took Dopey out of the title too since this bread isn't.

SD Starter     
 Build 1Build 2 Build 3Total%
SD Starter30  303.48%
Dough Flour %   
Bread Flour809.28%   
Dough Flour30034.80%   
Dough Hydrat75.00%    
Total Flour485    
Total Water370    
Total Hydrat.76.29%  Seeds     20 
Total Weight862 Baked WT355 
Lev % of Total38.28%  each of 2  

Seeds not included in weights or percents calculated off of them. 

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Fermenting Vegetables

I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with using a Sourdough Starter to inoculate a batch of cabbage or other vegetables? The creature population of the starter could easily contain many of the best pro-biotic strains touted for good digestive health. Just like with flour, cabbage has lots of LB's on them to get a culture going but it would speed up the process but change the outcome slightly by adding a flour based starter to the mix. The people who sell starter cultures for veggies say you should use a fresh batch of starter each time. That seems like it would be unnecessary from all I know about SD cultures. I'm new to making my own fermented veggies and they are delicious!

I'm hoping we have some members from around the globe that currently make their own sauerkraut that will comment on this off topic request. I recall David posted on pickles once.??


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Nutellás kalács.

A legjobb kalács.


2 dl langyos tej

3 evőkanál cukor

1 tk só

50 g puha vaj

2 tojás sárga

100 g joghurt


600 gliszt

20g élesztő

+ 1 tojás a kenéshez