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German Many Seed Bread

Today's baking was my (less sweetened) version of the German Many Seed Bread from "Whole Grain Baking". Instead of a soaker and a biga I used just the soaker with stretch & fold technique for the first time, adding some more water. The breads turned out really nice, I think it's an improvement.

Sorry, no crumb shot - these breads were for sale.

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Philly style hoagie roll recipe needed badly!! :)

Hi Everyone,


I can't say enough how much I enjoy and learn from everyone's posts on the fresh loaf.   I have been searching for a long while now for a simple Philly style hoagie roll recipe.  Trying to use search engines leads to a vast amount of copied recipes from generic posts.  Can anyone help with the technique, ingredients, secrets, or creating the cheesesteak style roll ?   I've heard Amoroso's and Sracone's are the two major "authentic" philly style rolls. 


Thank you all for any information that you may be able to give.



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Different Milks in Bread?

Hi, I know I read you can use 2%, Vitamin D, or even whole milk in bread making, but what if you used half & half or like a heavy whipping cream.  Does anyone know how that would effect the bread?


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Tea Bread?

Hello i have tried to make a tea bread lately and i tried to cook it like my normal sourdough, but apparently it is very different and more rich thenn normal so it bakes differently. if anyone else has tried this plz tell me the temp and time. and if u have any other unique ingredients tell me :)

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Refreshing Mother Starter according to Reinhart's "Artisan Breads Every Day"


While still at the seed culture stage I'm reading Reinhart's book ahead to the mother starter stage and I admit to feeling confused.  His instructions to convert from seed culture to mother stage are clear; it's the instructions for refreshing that confuse me.

He states: "Whenever the mother starter gets low, rebuild it using 4 oz of the old starter and repeating the instructions above". (ie combining 4 oz of Phase 4 seed culture with 9 oz spring water and 12 o whole wheat flour.)

But then in his following paragraph he states: "To rebuild your mother starter, use 1 ounze of mother starter and add 3 ounces of flour and 2 gto 2.25 ounces of water".

So is it 4 oz or 1 oz of old mother starter?

I want to keep my mother starter indefinitely in the refrigerator. How do I feed it? And do I feed it once a week as I've read in various places, or every 5 days?

Any advice would be very much appreciated, thank you!


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Bread from far away, San Diego and Paris

What is far away depends very much on your own perspective... I was in San Diego, CA, last saturday. Great farmers market in Little Italy. Surpised by the quality of Sorry that I could not buy anthing - the market was at the beginning of my stay there-, but it sure was tempting.

And my boy just returned from Paris (a week's holiday) and brought me the following from Poilane. What more can one wish for? It smells great. Time for some holidays now! Happy baking. Cheers, Jw.



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Homemade pasta and Gosselin baguette

I followed the detailed postings and the bread was a success. It is very easy to handle and the shaping /scoring are a cinch due to the texture after all that chilling. I loved the crust and crumb. It exploded with crumbs when we broke into the loaf....just as the New Orleans French bread used to do before they ruined the way they make it. I will definitely be making this again and again. I used the 1/2 tsp yeast and didn't get much rise in the  fridge over the 24 hr period. I was a little worried but it did great in the oven. Here are pics.

pasta making: Photobucket fresh tomato topping for pasta and baguette: Photobucket finished with some lovely aged parmesan and a chunk of bread...broken  not sliced :Photobucket

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Earth ovens and winter/snow

I'd like to know what kind of precautions I need to take in order to keep an earth oven from cracking/deteriorating during winter and snow.. I live in quebec and while I know what kind of roofing I need, I'm still wondering what snow and cold weather do to an earth oven.


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Larry Clark

20 percent bran wheat flour?

Dan leader's San Francisco Sourdough calls for this flour. What is it and where can I get it.  I didn't see it at KA as a search of TFL archives suggested.



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Beer Bread - Soaker

I have a recipe for Sourdough Rye Beer Bread. Was thinking about convertining it to having a soaker using the rye flour,1/2 of the whole wheat and all of the beer. Any thoughts?