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Shaping Videos

I just posted about Shaping videos .. please ignore the one that starts with www. .. use only the http one. if all fails type in your own link using just

sorry ... MIcki


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seeking flaky-crusted rolls

On my search for a specific type of sandwich roll. A good description of what I'm going for:

  1. chewy but light inside

  2. crust that is very thin, slightly crispy, shatters into big thin flakes then you bite in or tear off a piece, slightly leathery too with a little bit of tug

  3. crust finish is yellowish & golden.

Tried Norm's rolls sans onions, but didn't achieve the result I was looking for. The interior of the Norm's hard roll was too fluffy, too hamburger bun-esque, with insufficient chew. The crust was not bad: it had the right thin leatheriness, some of that tug, but did not have that shattering quality that I'd like to get. Will try to post photos in a bit. 

I think I might have to try the Kaiser Roll recipe. As far as crumb goes, I think I might have to try a preferment (sponge, etc) of some sort to help with the chew & flavor. Any other recommendation for recipes to try would be appreciated. 


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Looking for a Pan Sobao Recipe

Hello all,

I am looking for a recipe for Pan Sabao. It is a Puerto Rican lard bread. I have looked every where for the recipe and non have come close to the real thing. Hopefully someone out there can help.

  happy baking


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New girl looking for soups to go with my bread

Hi, all! I took up baking a few months ago and have been pleased with the bread I've made so far. I love this site, although I'm still exploring.


Also, slightly off-topic: my friends and I have been having weekly soup-and-stew nights since the fall, but we've started to run out of recipe ideas. Does anyone have a favorite vegetarian soup/stew recipe that they'd like to share?


Happy baking, everyone!


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French Bread: Some recipes call for shortning, while others don't. Why?

Just curious.

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Damp, Clumped Area in Baked Bread

I'm a novice bread baker and baked two loaves of challah from the same recipe.  In the deep center of each loaf was a damp area of clumped crumb.  The loaves were well baked and produced a nice crumb in all other areas of the bread.  Does anyone have any ideas what causes this?  Could dough have needed more flour?


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louie brown

Eric Kayser's Buckwheat Batard, as published by Daniel Leader, and as annotated by Occidental

I haven't been able to find much in the way of suggestions for baking bread with buckwheat, which is a shame because it is so delicious. I can't say much about Kayser or Leader, but I am grateful to Occidental for his post on this bread. It was delicious.

The large holes are the result of incomplete degassing before shaping, a defect, as Hamelman would say. Otherwise, the crumb was very nice:

Hiding under the batard is my first attempt at the tordu shape. Not bad, but not ready for prime time:

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Tomato, Parmesan and Basil Flatbread from Bourke Street Bakery's

I made Tomato, Parmesan and Basil flatbread from Bouke Street Bakery cookbook this weekend with our home-grown peach tomatoes.

The tomato resembles cherry tomato in size, only with yellow colour. It tastes sweet and mild acidic with a beautiful aroma.

I tweaked the recipe a little by using sourdough starter instead of pre-ferment, which I believe give extra flavour.

The recipe is here.


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Tartine Country Bread Recipe, tweaking bulk fermentation

Hello everyone!  

I love this website!  It's a real treat if you are a home baker and want to grow in your skills.  

I've been using Chad Robertson's Country Loaf Recipe from the Tartine Bread book with great results.   The loaves are wonderful, with a great aroma and a wild open crumb.  Very nice.  In the book, Robertson talks about how you can tweak the Bulk Fermentation and Final Rise times to suit your schedule.  I'd love to be able to let the bulk fermentation happen slowly during the day while I'm at work, but I can't if I have to be there to babysit the dough and turn it every half hour as he says in the book.

That's my problem.  What is your experience with the 'turn' process?  Have you tweaked it?  Can you get away with turning the dough every hour or just letting it ferment and not turning it at all? 

I would REALLY appreciate the feedback.  Thank you so much!

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French Baguette (sp?)


I have been searching the net looking for improvements to my french baguette (sp?), any way, I've seen pictures of baguettes with large air voids yet I can't seem to reproduce in my kitchen. My bread comes out just fine and looks and taste great but I'd really like to bake one with large air voids. I'm new to home baking so I'd need step by step instructions. Thank you in advance,