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Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

Hi there,

I've tried making gluten free starter - the first time mold grew on it after a week, the second time it went too sour.

Has anyone ever made gluten free sourdough bread that is tasty but also easy to make - with the minimal amount of ingredients?  

Please advise!



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Aluminum Dutch Oven vs Cast Iron?

I love baking in my cast iron dutch ovens, but i was wondering if there is any performance advantage to using cast iron vs. something lighter, like aluminum.

Anyone out there ever do a comparison?

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Soft Pretzel and Bagel Water Bath Flops

Following a couple different traditional recipes for German Soft Pretzels and Bagels I end up with the same problem.  The water bath!  Everything looks perfect until I drop in the water and then the bread deflates.  I've continued through the recipes and baked them even though they don't look right.  They taste good, but are a flatter than they are supposed to be.  I've only used a baking soda bath.  Can humidity affect it?  Could I be letting the dough rise too much (I'm going by the recipe and never have a problem with other breads)?  Would lye make a difference?  Do I need to add more baking soda?  The first one in or the last one in seem to deflate similarly.

We still eat them as they taste good, just can't serve to family or friends (oh darn!  More for me!)



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Can I replace leaven with yeast?

I just got a copy of Dan Lebard's book "Handmade Bread". He discusses how to make Leaven, and a bunch of recipes use it.

I'm not really ready to do Leaven yet; can I substitute some amount of yeast for it? For example, the sunflower bread uses 3 1/2 oz of leaven (100g); I'd like to make it - how much yeast should I use?

(Apologize if this has been answered already; a quick search didn't find it...)

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New to the Fresh Loaf

Greetings from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan..

I have a couple of questions - how do I convert grams to cups?

Is there a basic bread recipe here that I could start with? I have white whole wheat and yeast and sugar ?

Thank  you and Happy New Year to everyone!!


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bread basket

How is this possible?

My hubby bought this this bread about end of March 2013 with best by date April 21. (sometimes he is home sick after the good old American store bought bread). He did not finish it because he did not like it . There were still some pieces left in the bag. After a few weeks I wondered because the bread still looked and felt the same so I decided to leave it so we would see what would happen. The closed bag with the bread in it sat all summer in my hot kitchen (no AC) .There was and still is not any change in the bread (it is now Dec.)!

As you see it is labeled as no artificial Colors, flavors or Preservatives and No High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Ingredients: whole Wheat Flour, water, sugar, wheat gluten, cultured wheat flour, molasses , salt, soybean oil, wheat bran , datem, monoglycerides, calcium sulfate, citric acid, grain vinegar, soy lecithin, potassium iodate, soy flour.

I always tease him because he really gets a lot more! for his money than with my bread (flour, water, salt and yeast).

So how is this possible???


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Kitchen Aid 8 qt mixer--pathetic?

I just received a new kitchen aid 8 qt mixer for  christmas. I am currently attempting to mix about 7 pounds of dough in it and it can  barely mix it.  it takes about one revolution every 5 seconds and sounds  miserable.  i just can't believe the almost 2 horse motor is this wimpy...anyone else have this problem>??????

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Different yeast quantity for different bread machines?

I just got my first bread machine - Panasonic SD-YD250 - as a Christmas gift.  I also was given Beth Hensperger Bread Machine Cookbook.

I have made two loaves using the recipes in the Panasonic instruction manual, and they came out ok.

The recipes in the instruction manual all call for 1 tsp of yeast for a 1.5 pound loaf.  Most of the recipes in the Hensperger book call for 2 tsp or more of yeast for a 1.5 pound loaf, despite having similar ingredients (3 cups of flour).

I am wondering if different machines use different rising times, thus requiring different yeast quantities?  I am afraid to try the Hensperger recipes until I make sure of this.

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First Tartine Loaf

I baked my first Tartine style loaf today. Things went great for the most part. It rose well and did what it seemed like it should through each step. Things fell apart a bit at the bake stage. My plan was to turn the loaves onto my peel, score them, and then turn a heated pot onto them when they got to the pizza stone. They stuck to the cloth really bad during proofing (no rice flour and not enough of it) and by the time they were on the stone, they had spread too much for the pot. I ended up hearth baking the first one and trying a variation that worked so so on the second. I was impressed when I cut into them though. Really soft uneven holes with a nice crunchy crust. The flavor was mildly sour which I attribute to likely an overly strong levain. All and all, not too bad for a first shot. 

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Christmas presents

This year I got some new books for Christmas again. One is out of print but my wife found it online.Im still trying to bake my way through Bouchon I got last year. My new years resolution will have to be no more books intill I bake all the recipes from the ones I have now. I have read some of the Flo Braker book. Its the one out of print. I want to try some of her cakes and see the results. My cakes have gotten better but I feel still lack that "WOW" factor. Im pretty sure that my mixing technique is not optimum. The French Baker is nice. Good mix of bread, pastry and food. The pics and stories are wonderful in themselves. Sometimes when I need to check-out of reality I grab it and dream Im baking in a little shop somewhere in the French country side. Baking by hand doesnt give alot of technique for handling stuff. The recipes do look wonderful and simple. I like the savory tarts. I want to make those first. From the wood fired oven has given me some new insights on design improvements from Alan Scotts original oven design. I will have that oven built in five years. First thing to do is sip burbon by the drying fires under the stars.