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Happy with Bread:)

I have not used my 100% hydration Wheat Starter for about 3 Month, I had him in the fridge, feeding him once a week 1:1:1.

The Wheat Starter is about 1 ½ year old.

I used the Rye Starter as I was following recipes from * The Weekend Bakery * online.

They use Rye Starter and do the 15 g of Rye Starter with small amounts of flour and Water to make a preferment the Night before baking.

Well, I got my Wheat Starter out of the fridge 3 days ago, put him in a much larger Jar, fed him so that I have 200g Starter which I fed 1:1:1 for about 3 days.

Yesterday I made the Dough, did the S&F 6 times within 3 hours * every 30 minutes * and today , after a great over Night rising I put him in the Proofing basket, let him rise again and now I just took the Lid of my Dutch Oven and OMG , what  a rise, and beautiful Crust.

He needs 6 more Minutes for the crust to brown up a bit more and than cooling.

I can hardly wait to cut it open to see the crumb.

Well, back to my old trusted friend * Gordon * that was what I named him when I started him up all the month ago.


2 Cups of fed Starter

300g Wheat Flour

200g Wholemeal  Flour

350g Warm Water

8.5 g Salt

5g Sugar


Happy Bunny me and HAPPY Starter * Gordon * 


Edit: Daughter , 3 Sons and Husband think the taste is not as nice as the once I used to bake with the Rye Starter.

They say: The bread crust is to thin, the taste to sour and the crumb to soft. 

Well, back to good old Ryan the Rye starter and the way I baked the bread for a few month now.

Leaven and all.

I guess making the Leaven the Night before makes a lot of sense when it comes to better taste... but hey, we all learn.

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using milk vs milk powder

I am trying to avoid using milk powder (or powdered milk, whichever you choose to call it). If I recall correctly, adding milk powder to whole wheat sandwich bread is supposed to improve the texture. Would one receive the same benefit from substituting milk for a portion of the water in the recipe? What would be a good proportion?

This recipe would be for my bread maker. I have a stand by , go to recipe for my whole wheat sandwich bread, but I happened to spy my old bag of milk powder and that got me wondering about using milk.

Thank in advance for any input!



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We 3 gmas made multi-grain breads +

This week we decided that multi-grain breads was the "sister bake" for us. Our elder sister and bread role model makes bread, I think, EVERYDAY! So, that is why her multi-grain bread on the lead in picture is so "picture perfect!" She would put most bakeries to shame, I swear! 


Below are Helen's an my offerings, Helen used the same recipe as Barbra did, Clay's Sourdough Multi-grain Sandwich bread. . 

Here are Helen's beautiful pictures. 



Very nice bread. Great taste, great texture.

My bread, (Diane), had lots of grains in it, I used 7 grain cereal from Wheat Montana, and sunflower seeds. My recipe was for a quick bread, with only one proof.



Looks like mine could have risen more! I am soooo impatient. I need to adopt my Grandma's technique of setting it up and leaving it alone, til supper time.

As we were researching recipes etc... we discovered that the next day (Thursday) was National Chocolate Chip Day according to King Arthur Flour's post on FB.

So Helen and I jumped in:  Helen first... 

                                          and then mine... 

Then Barbra sent her picture of her chocolate chip creation.... she SAID it was a really big chocolate chip cookie... 


                                                      but hey, we weren't born yesterday.. we know great bread when we see it!

Another great day baking with my sisters... enjoying commemorating National Holdays, of course. Thanks for checking in. 

Happy Baking,

Diane, Barbra and Helen.


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How to store your Starter in the fridge?

I read 2 ways on how to store a Sourdough Starter in the fridge e.g when.

One said to put it in the fridge as soon as it is fed.

The other said to let the sit on the counter until it has doubled and than put in the fridge.

Now of course I am confused as I do want to do it the right way.

Any help would be great.


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La Cloche baked Pain à L’Ancienne

I've made Pain à L’Ancienne several times now and each time it seems to get better in terms of taste but I keep getting pretty thin boules.  I've been curious about what would happen if I let the dough "age" in the refrigerator for two days instead of just one.  So I mixed up enough dough for a loaf on Wednesday and left it until this morning.  I also decided to try baking it in my Sassafras covered baker, La Cloche.  I baked it in the convection oven at 425F for 15 minutes then lowered the temperature to 400F and continued baking for 30 minutes at which time I removed the lid and let it bake for about 8 minutes more.  After it had cooled for about 45 minutes, I tried a small piece.  I don't think the taste is improved by leaving it in the refrigerator for an extra day but I like how it baked in the covered baker.  It also turned out a better shape, not as large in diameter but about 4" high, but I may just be getting better at shaping these things.

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restoring a starter??

I recently posted in the wrong place, for which I can offer only a newbie's apology.  Here goes again:  I have a sourdough starter (from KFA), which I have maintained for almost two years.  It still contributes a great flavor, but has lost its ability to cause any rise.  It seems I have selected for the bacteria, and  have lost the yeast.  As a result, I am forced to add yeast to my pre-ferment.  Is there something I can do to restore (or replace) the yeast, so that I can use a single starter? Would I do better to start a new starter?  Any recommendations would be welcome.

Mike Acord

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First sourdough

Only wild starter, am very happy this is happening now:)

Thank you everybody for your wonderful advice, its been so helpful to me


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Still baking

Hi everyone,

I am still baking these days, but just not enough time to share all my breads and tries with you...

I thought I'll just share some photos of the breads I've baked lately.

I am baking three breads over and over again these days, trying to get them consistently good...Sometimes I struggle ;).

This is the first one: the seeded white bread - the recipe can be found in the posts below.


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Fed vs unfed starter

Is there a general rule about using a starter?  I recently made a sourdough bread recipe that called for "unfed" starter.  Simole enough, but I have seen other recipes that don't specify fed or unfed.  Unless otherwise stated do you normally use "fed" starter?

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Hi all, Where can I get white whole wheat from in the UK?   

Cant seem to locate any, anywhere!