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another dependable recipe: Norwich SD

One of Mr Jeano's buddies expressed a wish for a loaf of sourdough, in the context of hearing another buddy was to be blessed with some rye bread. (The rye bread recipient had never eaten rye until he had some at our place). The buddy who wants sourdough commented his wife had gotten some at the grocery store and he'd really enjoyed it for sandwiches. (I will bet you almost any amount of money their local grocery doesn't carry unbleached flour, let alone bake any quasi-artisan bread).

 I am pretty sure this stuff he's had is SDINO and told Mr Jeano, I don't think I'll retard these loaves, I dont want to give his tastebuds too big of a shock.

No crumb shot until tomorrow after buddy picks his loaf out.

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Ciabatta - Coccodrillo

Failure to plan. That was my situation this morning. I wanted to bake bread but failed to plan for it yesterday so I had no refreshed starter to elaborate, no poolish, no biga, no preferment of any kind. So I decided it was about time that I tried Jason's Quick Coccodrillo Ciabatta. I made the semolina version. 

I followed the formula exactly, using the greater amount of water. I baked with steam for the first 10 minutes and left the oven temperature at 500 F the entire time. The loaves were done in 15 minutes. 

I'm very pleased with the color and texture of the crust, the openness of the crumb, and the flavor. I'll be making this one again. 

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Cake flour vs 00 flour help!

Is it possible or wise to use Italian 00 flour instead of cake flour for cake making? I'm in a pinch, could not locate cake flour yesterday but do the 00 flour and I must make a birthday cake today.

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Edo Bread

Shaping things up

I put a lot of energy into flavor and feel of my bread and usually it has a look that I am happy with too. But I really love seeing loaves that are decorative and have beautiful shapes. I am so often impressed with the loaves of people like Anna Giordan.

I had to make loaves for small table settings. Since it was the holidays I did a typical boule, but paired them with a wreath shape inspired by Anna's La Spiga Francese

These were made with 50% Rye starter, 50% wheat starter.  The dough was about 12% Rye, 12% whole wheat.

24 hours bulk ferment.  I increased my normal formula about 15% and then made two loaves, so they are a little smaller so that having both on the table was not overwhelming.

The wreath shape needs work, but as a pair they worked well. This was also a way to let those that love crust enjoy the wreath and plenty of crumb in the boule for those who prefer that.


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Pita chips with Sesame seeds??

Hi All,We recently took a trip out of town and went to an HEB.  We bought some pita chips that were amazing!!!!  After reading the ingredients I figured I could try and recreate them at home but was looking for some input.  The pita chips basically had flour, oil, sugar, flax and sesame seeds.  I make pitas a lot.  The basic recipe I use makes 6ish and is as follows

1/4 c starter

1 c water

1 c whole wheat flour

let rise overnight


1/2T salt

1/2 T olive oil

and about 1 more c white flour

I am thinking this recipe would work for the pita chips as well, just cut them in half, then in pieces and cook after they are done.  My question is how much sesame seed would you add and when?  Would you put it in the first rise and let them soak all night?  Or would you add them with the salt, oil and rest of the flour.  I don't use sesame seed very often and I know it is a strong flavor.  2T would be a little over 12% of the flour and 1/4c would be 25%, by volume not weight.  I keep meaning to turn this recipe into a weight recipe but it is so easy I never have.  Anyone have any suggestions?


La Couronne Bordelaise Rustique

Cari Amici, Buon Anno Nuovo a tutti.

Oggi voglio deliziarvi con Una di Quelle produzioni Che io prepararo Spesso per la mia famiglia e il Che molte Volte regalo Agli amci perchè mi viene Richiesto.

Io adoro panificare !!!!

Spero Che vi piaccia, a presto, Anna


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Recent efforts

I hope everyone's new year is off to a great start.

Winter weather has lead to winter colds, which unfortunately reduces the sensitivity of my already not terribly refined palate, but I have been baking when I can.  Two of my recent efforts are worth mentioning.

Above and below are pictures of my recent attempts to make something like the Mazowiecka loaf that a local Polish bakery makes.  It has a bit of rye, a tightish crumb, and a sweet, malt-y flavour.

Right now I'm using around 20% rye, with a few tablespoons of malt syrup.  I also tried using a pâte fermenté to give it a bit more depth and longer shelf life.  It is good, though I don't feel like I've totally nailed it yet.


The other one I've been baking regularly is my standard sourdough (72% hydration, 15% whole wheat, 7% rye flour, 2% salt) but also adding 200g (20%) of soaked grains.  I've just picked up a few different cereal mixes, like Bob's 6 Grain, which I soak a cup of overnight in one cup of water, then mix into the final dough.

It's nice. Not a drastic change, but it adds a bit of crunch and texture to my daily bread.

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Did I mess up my new KoMo?

Hey all !

So I am venturing into the world of home milling, having recently purchased a KoMo Classic. So far it's been a great mill, though I am curious to see if anyone has encountered the issue into which I've recently bumped.

I may have brought the stones too close together for a grind, as when I took off the hopper to clean it out a little bit, I noticed that the millstones showed signs of wearing. In effect, they are almost smooth at certain points, as though they have ground each other down. I am curious to learn if this is just normal wear and tear, or if I have royally screwed up and need to get new stones!

Thanks for any and all input

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Three kings cake

Three kings cake. Puffed brioche dough, filled with marzipan cream, and decorated with candied fruit.

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Ankarsrum Mixer and Pie Dough

Hi, I'm looking to purchase a 7 qt mixer to make lots of pie dough and Ankarsrum came across. I was wondering if anyone had experience making pie dough using an Ankarsrum mixer as I couldn't find anything elsewhere. If there's a better mixer in the market for making pie dough, please let me know. Thanks in advance!