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Question: Pourable Pita

Hi Everyone!

So i was recently in greece and saw this guy making fresh pita for his gyro store. 

The pita was made on a griddle and was poured on (he made a premade mix, just like how you would find one of pancakes made)


Any ideas of how to do this?  anyone have a recipe? instructions? videos?

i grill/rottiserie meat all the time... and the concept of being able to produce fresh pita (pourable) and still have it soft and chewy warms me up inside!!!


your help/assistance would be greatly appreciated!  thanks!!!

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NY Sicilian Pizza dough


Does anyone have a good NY Sicilian style pizza dough recipe?  I've had a craving and living in Boston I've only found a few close substitutes.  I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a shot at home to hold my over until my next trip home.  I know it's all about the dough, it needs to be thick and soft on the inside, a little crispy on the outside and most importantly it has to taste good. 

Thank you in advance!

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Anonymous (not verified)

Question: How to get maximum banana flavour into a (non-quick-bread) banana bread?

I'm going to make a sourdough banana (maybe banana nut) bread that's not a quick-bread.

  • Some of the banana will be dried/dehydrated banana, which has an intense banana flavour (added to final dough(and maybe the preferment))
  • Some of the banana will be very ripe, pureed banana (added to final dough (and maybe preferment))


I've added banana (and other fruits and sugar-laden ingredients) to preferments before, but it always seems like 'a waste': the bacteria/yeast eat the available sugars in the fruit, etc. and the flavour 'disappears'.

Is there any way to use banana in a preferment that doesn't result in lost banana flavour? Use less ripe bananas? Do you have other procedures that have resulted in intense banana flavour in a final loaf. (I'm really trying to avoid repeated failures re: just a hint of banana!).

A search returns 38,000+ results (Banana Pain au Levain looks neat!), so if you've had a recipe or a procedure that's worked particularly well for you, please point me to it. I open to all forms of incorporating banana flavour into the bread. I want a bread that has an intense banana flavour.



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Determining rye starter "doneness"

I can usually tell when a wheat flour based sourdough starter is ready to use and at a good potency when it doubles and begins to fall after about 4-6 hours. I use a 1:4 build, usually works fine. I just keep repeating it until I get a peak and fall in about 4-6 hours like I said.

However lately I've been having trouble incorporating this logic into my rye based sourdough because my wholemeal rye flour has so little gluten in it that it doesn't really rise. It just kinda bulges slightly. I've now gotten in the habit of tasting it to see how sour it is but its not ideal for various reasons. Does anyone have a technique here for rye based sourdough starters?

My breads are barely rising and I suspect a badly made starter but I have no idea how to fix this...

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Mákos és szilvalekváros tekercs. Plum jam and poppy seed rolls

Mákos és szilvalekváros tekercsMájus elsején sütiverseny volt a falunkban. Ezt a szépséges és nagyon finom kalácsot sütöttem. Mákkal és szilvalekvárral töltöttem a rudakat.  A legkreatívabb süti  különdíját kaptam. A kedvenc kalácstésztából készítettem.
2 dl langyos tej3 evőkanál cukor1 tk só50 g puha vaj2 tojás sárga100 g joghurt600 g liszt20g élesztő+ 1 tojás a kenéshezPlum jam and poppy seed rolls
May Day cake competition was in our village. This beautiful and very tasty cake baked.
I spent the plum jam and poppy seed rolls.
The most creative cake I got the special prize.
My favorite kalácstésztából made.
2 dl warm milk
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tsp salt
50 g butter, softened
2 egg yolks
100 g of yogurt
600 g flour
20g yeast
+ 1 egg for lubrication
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My take on Nutella and Roasted Hazelnut Challah

I was in the mood for nutella so i started googling what i could do with the stuff and i ran accross this

Steamy Kitchen Article

But i am tring to not use the NK bread as much anymore so i used the BBA recepit for Challah. the only thing i didnt do was let the  4 strand loaf proof for 90 minutes. its getting late and i didnt want to wait. i got some decent oven spring(gas oven, no steam). For a rookie who doesnt really follow the "rules" im really happy with the result.

Up intill the shaping of the braids i followed BBA formula. I scaled and preformed the braids so they would roll easyer then I used a serated knife to open each braid and load it with nuttela.


Pinching them shut can get messy but i realised that if you let the weight of the braid strech the dough as you pinch it is much cleaner

 Considering i only let the loaf rest 10 minutes before putting it in the oven and i didnt bother with steam im happy. I would have liked my if the loaf had a better shine to it. A better glaze then the one I used (egg whites and a little half an half) might be the right move next time

Crumb pictures from this morning

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Roasted Garlic / Gruyere / Sun-Dried Tomato (French Bread)

My friend at work wanted a custom loaf done, and I said "SURE!" He brought me the ingredients to make a flavored bread out of our french dough, which was Roasted Garlic, Gruyere Cheese, and Sun-Dried Tomato. The result: a very delicious looking and smelling bread. I unfortunately didn't get to try it, but I'm hoping he saves me a piece :)


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Asiago Cheese Sourdough

Finally after a couple miserable failures I have a good lookin loaf! Well, at least by my standards. I used a, I guess you could say country loaf, recipe and just incorporated the cheese inside and out. I was beginning to loose faith in sourdough and go back to yeasted breads for a while but glad I tried one more. (BTW I have nothing bad to say about yeast breads, just trying to get a better feel for sourdough) Hope you all enjoy! Crumb shot to follow.

Thanks, J

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Fresh from the BreadLab press and open to feedback from my trusted TFL-ers. This one contains some jaw dropping historic material from the public domain!

Hope to hear what your thoughts are on this video.


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ITJB Round 2 Week 2: Bakery Challah (p. 26): 4/28/12 to 5/5/12

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo (OK, not really) -- bakery challah! I'd never made challah before test-baking for this book, and I can't believe I missed out on so many years of this fantastic bread. It's beautiful, it's tasty, it's so much easier than it looks. 

I think I'm going to go all-out with a really snazzy braid this time -- but the braiding directions in the book make it easy. (And watch -- now that I've announced my intentions to the world, I'll have the worst-ever braid. Murphy's Law lives at my house). 

Hope everyone enjoys this one -- 


P.S. -- I checked - no errata listed for this recipe.