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Flatbreads needing higher temps?

I enjoy baking flatbreads, and am looking for ways of doing that using my new Breville Crispy Pizza maker. Its claim to fame is its ability to reach 660 degrees -- not as hot as an Indian clay oven, to be sure, but maybe there are appropriate flatbreads.

My go-to cookbook (Flatbreads and Flavors) is no help here. Do any of you know of flatbreads that would benefit from the higher temperature? I have not yet tried using this appliance to replace the skillet often called for in Indian flatbread recipes.


Many thanks.

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Todays mutant loaf . . .

Okay this loaf definitely blew a tire and I am not sure why. Overproofed? Underproofed?  Poorly shaped?  Poorly scored?

This was a simple lean hearth loaf using my new SD starter and following dabrownman's excellent instructions:

to the tee.  HELP, any suggestions would be welcome. Other than the sidewall blowout the crumb looks pretty good and the flavour is great!

TIA, Brian

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San Francisco Sourdough

  • My first sourdough. Made with 3 day poolish and only regular flour. The scores went too deep. It resembles a bicycle helmet. Thats funny. The taste is great. Knead by hand. Crumb not too open. Try this bread with jam, ham and cheese. With cheese is absolutely wonderful.
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Oatmeal brown sugar/molasses bread

This is a straight dough. Old recipe..regular cup/tsp measures. Sometimes the tried and true is the best. I did wet the shaped dough and pressed the top into the oatmeal,read about it here on TFL ..worked like a charm !  The bread is for a customer so no pic of crumb. 

Here is the dough just before going in the oven. c

 photo IMG_6402_zpsa3b14e8f.jpg

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unbleached white flour with bran

I have been making the Norwich Sourdough bread for a few months. Recently I purchased an unbleached stone ground flour with 30% bran removed, the protein content is 13%. I am finding the dough to be stickier and flattens out more while proofing. I thought that the flour would absorb more water because of the bran. Does the flour need to soak so the bran will absorb the water?

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108 breads

100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

I used to make a perfectly good 100 percent whole wheat bread - with commercial yeast - in my bread machine and baked in the oven. Now, up to bread #29 in my 108 bread quest, I have a child who returned home, requesting a sandwich bread. Now I use my starter, knead and pray to the universe's bread goodwill.

Here is bread #29. Frankly, this might be a recipe to play with, but it is very unlikely to be a favorite. Suggestions for a good whole grain (or nearly) sandwich recipe are welcome.

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Poorly rising wholemeal loaves

I have been making bread in a bread machine for many years now but earlier this year my wholemeal loaves lost their rise.  I am in the north west of England and use a flour produced in Cumbria and dried yeast sachets.  I have no trouble with the white flour but with the wholemeal I've even wandered into the scary world of live yeast but no difference.  I'm wondering if it is poor grain quality after last years harvest can't think it's just that.  has anyone any suggestions please?

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Excelsior Bakery

Excelsior Bakery

Hello Everyone,


Chanced upon this website and just had to join! We are just finalizing purchase of a home in Tasmania, built in 1907 and used continuously as the towns bakery for 70 years. When we purchased it, most if not all of the bakery items were still in situ including the wood fired Scotch Oven reputed to be able to bake up to 300 loaves at a time. We would rather not disclose the location at this time till we get settled in.

Now, we don't know the first thing about baking or such large ovens but would love to get it going again and learn- even if only used a few times a year,by other people with an interest in such things and it seems such a shame to waste all that oven space, so we were wondering if there would be any interest in some joint baking sessions now and again?

We are both very heritage minded, so our main concern is to preserve the bakery and oven and thought that we may be able to make some new friends and hopefully learn a bit about traditional baking methods and have a great deal of fun while we are at it. 


Ian & Renee



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French Dining Staple Is Losing Its Place at the Table

An interesting piece in the New York Times - European Edition:

Handmade slowly fermented "tradition" baguette versus industrial grade "classic" baguettes and "Got Bread?" ad campaign...,  


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A classic German party bread makes for an attractive center piece. Guests can help themselves by pulling apart these pretty little rolls. I wanted to decorate it with sesame and poppy seeds but since poppy seeds aren't available here, I used nigella seeds instead.

Adapted from Eric Treuille and Ursula Ferrigno's book Bread